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I'm Marsbar12 and you've guest it I love Marsbars!
My friends think I'm really hyper and i love books and films
lately i've read a book called dandelion clocks by rebecca westcott it'sa bit sad but a really really good book!
My favourite subjects are english and drama
I love harry potter and percy jackson and divergent and books like that!

My inspirations are:
Jim Parsons(sheldon cooper from the big bang theory)
Emma Watson(most known for hermione)
shailene woodley ( tris in divergent and she'sin the fault in our stars)
j.k rowling
Veronica Roth

Thanx for reading this and please take a look at my books!!!!
Thanx again,

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    No More No Less
    No More No Less
    this is about a girl, her best friend and sister living in a world where everything stays the same. Isabel has always been told that it is bad to be different but she just can't seem to stick to that rule....
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