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I'm a 16 year old Directioner :P This is my first time publishing any of my stories, especially fanfics. I post one direction and now supernatural fics

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    mumbled "newsss"

    so i think i'm going to publish the new story, Misguided, soon. Which means i'll update my other stories too :)
    But I think I'm going to get rid of "I Only Want More" I never feel like writing for it and I really don't like where it's going. So don't be surprised if its suddenly gone aha :)
    anyways thanks you guys for being patient about me not really updating more. I'm gonna try to change that :)
    love you guys! xx
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    mumbled "i need your help "

    i need someone who can make covers for my stories, Misguided (a new one being published soon), Hate To Love You, Give Me Love, and I Only Want More. If you make them and I like them, then I'll make the main character of Misguided like you, in looks and personality (name will be different) and i'll dedicate the story to you :) i just don't have anything to make a pretty cover, and so i'd love it if you guys help :)
    btw i'll probably be publishing the new story Misguided soon because i have most of the first chapter written. I'll update Hate To Love You as soon as possible, same with the others. I haven't been in a writing mood lately and i'm sorry.
    I love you all!!!!!!!!!!! thanks so much x
    I have a Movella published saying what to do if you want to request covers, if you comment on there what you want all the covers to look like I'll do it for you 100%! :)
    Here's the link:
    Looking for a Cover?Do you have an idea/ have started a movella and don't have a cover for it? Well, I'm here to help! You can request anything that you want, with some detail...
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    mumbled "sorry"

    i know i said i was going to publish the Larry fanfic on Harry's birthday, but i'm so tired, I just can't write anything right now. I published the prologue but that's it. i'll maybe update tomorrow, but i don't know cause i'm going to the circus. but it will definitely be up during next week. And i'll publish the sequel to I'm In Love With You sometime next week hopefully. And the Louis fanfic will be updated. wow that's a lot of writing :P
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    mumbled "Louis fanfic"

    So if you haven't noticed, the Louis fanfic is now up. I'd love you guy's opinions about it. And about doing a Larry fanfic. i think the Larry fanfic would be fun. I also have the sequel to I'm In Love With You already planned out and I've named it and everything :P I'm excited aha. I was planning on updating both tonight but I fell asleep at like 7 and it's almost 11 now and I'm tired and I have to get up early so yeah I don't think I'm going to be able to until later tomorrow. So thanks for reading and liking and favoriting and commenting!!!!!!!!!!! I love you all x
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