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    OMG! This is on Wattpad!
    Fifty Shades of Justin
    Fifty Shades of...
    There comes a time in your life when you realize you don’t want to be with anyone else. Even though you’ve been through all of the fights, the negativity, the mistakes, and even the pain, it doesn’t matter...
    ⚜ Amalie Kristen ⚜
    yes, go read it on there, i already said it's not my story. I just wanted to repost it so more people would get to know the story ;) @[Love_Kidrauhl]
    5 years ago
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    yeah yeah of course xD you'd have to have some guts to repost this without permission ;) awesome idea, the story is awesome.
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    mumbled "IM BACK BETCHES"

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    I bet most of you aren't as excited as I am at being back right?

    The break kinda not really improved my writing, but it mainly gave me a better opportunity to CHILL (not that i was doing much anyway).

    So i just wanted to say I'm back and like... COMMENT STUFF PLEASE LOL.
    Oh! And I uploaded a new story "Summer '11" and updated my nice "Scurrilous Stories" so go check that out....



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    mumbled "Hi :)"

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    Hey guys... I haven't been on in a while, have I?
    I guess after I finished the "Why Do You Do This?" series, I kinda felt as though all my writing was over.

    pfffffft I'm so silly.

    There's still Scurrilous Stories and All Alone right?

    Comments motivate most authors guys.

    And even if you are the same person commenting after I publish a chapter, I still appreciate every comment equally.

    If I don't see comments, I think you guys don't want to read it.

    I asked for 10 comments on my last chapter of "Scurrilous Stories", and I only have 8.

    So I'm going to be a stubborn bitch and not update UNTIL I GET 10.

    As for All Alone, I don't see that going anywhere.
    I may.. unpublish it.. who knows.

    COMMENT and ASK ME what you want, even a new movella? (I have some new ideas *wink wink*)

    Annddddd for those CAL PAL FANS, I have a story on WATTPAD called "She's Broken | c.h" (My profile for Wattpad is in a copy and paste link in my bio).

    Please →LIKE← this mumble to notify mee you've read this, I'LL REALLY REALLY APPRECIATE IT HUNS!


    #Calpal #wattpad #hii
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    mumbled "The Fault In Our Stars"

    2 Me gustan

    This movie, this movie, this book!
    One of the saddest things I have ever watched, and I doubt I'll ever watch anything like this again.
    Now I want to read the book.
    Who else cried a river?
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    "I've been a vegetable for three years" BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA xD you're too much :') update soon girly! Xx
    Stained Red (Jason McCann Fanfiction)
    Stained Red (Jason...
    Bang bang,he shot me down..bang bang,I hit the ground...bang bang,That awful sound...bang bang, My baby shot me down~ Nancy Sinatra I was the first person Jason McCann ever shot,I was the first to...
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