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Hi! I'm Sara and I'm fourteen from the USA. I love one Direction (understatement of the year), especially the Irish snowflake, Niall Horan. <3 I love to write and hope to continue it as my main career, so I really hope you enjoy my stories as much as I love writing them! :) So, in conclusion, Niall Horan and I are married bye bby. ;) <3

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    mumbled "Small Little Vent..."

    I hate it when people over the internet care. It's like, can you be by my side instead of half way around the world to actually, physically, stop me from doing what I've done to myself? Can you be my friend that can just walk over to my house with ice cream and the Harry Potter series and be my shoulder to cry on? Can you move into the house next to me because I'd like a friend right here. I love you, okay? Let me love you.
    *I don't actually hate it when I made a friend over the internet, I was just... trying to prove something. I love you, my internet friends. :)
    It would take me ages to walk from Australia to USA, plus I'd have to swim and the ice-cream would melt and the dvd would get wet and would take awhile..
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    She shoul t dwell on the past - and clearly, Harry is her soulmate sooooooooooo that's all I've got to say. ;)
    Addicted [Completed]
    Addicted [Complete...
    18 year old Emily was always an ambitious girl. With long brown hair, deep brown eyes, she could have cruised through life with her good looks, but instead she pushed herself further and accomplished all...
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    Haha, just shaking things up ;)
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    You are so nice! :D have fun at your winter formal! And there should be a Lianna moment soon... I miss them. Lianna all the way!!
    Slave Auction
    Slave Auction
    ***Announcement: It would mean so much if you supported me and bought this book on called The Last Girl by Riley Shasteen! Thanks<3*** *The complete version of this story is on,...
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    Yayyyyy!! I was freaking out for a second there!!
    If you'll be mine
    If you'll be mine
    [This is my first fanfic so sorry if it's not the greatest but please let me know what you think. xx.] Madison became best friends with all 5 members of One Direction 2 years ago. Of course with 5 hot...
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