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I'm a survivor.

I won't let anyone bring me down. I am who I won't t be. No matter how much I want to just give up I will stay strong. You thought you could break me but here I am a smile on my face doing what I love without you. I may have loved you but now I realize you were just using me. You tossed me away once you were done with me. Now I'm stronger than ever. Hope you have a nice life because mine will be great without you in it. I've changed and I'm here to stay. I am Kasythesurvivor and I always survive.

I'm 16. I struggle with Agoraphobia which cause me severe anxiety. I love to write more than anything. I love white tigers hence the name :)

Good Girl Falls For The Bad Boy

por , sábado septiembre 8, 2018
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Good Girl Falls For The Bad Boy

Coming soon.....

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  • Kasythewhitetiger<3

    mumbled "wow..."

    it's been almost a year since I've finished this first book to the series. I am glad at how it came out and Happy for all the people who like it. I'm still trying to work on the second book but I've been really busy getting more of Good Girl Bad Boy done because it's going to be a longer book. I love all of you and am so glad that I found this app because you are the best. You have been so supportive of me. I wouldn't be writing if I didn't have you guys helping with my confidence in my writing. :) ~Kasy

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