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    mumbled "Friend problems That I'm Dealing With."

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    (Okay, so this is old but my birthday was 21 days ago.) So I have this friend and what she does for her friends is that she posts pictures on her Instagram and tells something nice about them. Well, my birthday came and she didn't do anything. Didn't even say, "Happy birthday!" Nothing. Nada. Zip. And then she doesn't remember until I mentioned it days later and she said that she "forgot." Okay, you might be thinking, "Wow. She likes a ton of attention." No. I don't. Actually, I'm the opposite but it would be nice to have attention from my "friend" once in a while. And when she says sorry, I don't believe it, but I think I have a trusting problem *cough* because of her. (long story short, we "made up".. yeah that was a long time ago like 7 years ago but I hold grudges..) And when I'm talking to her she cuts me off sometimes or talks so much that I can't get a word in. Like, GIRL. Give me a chance to state my opinion at least! Or she turns the conversation back to her problems. Except, I'm kinda clingy because I don't really have friends and she was my first friend (besides some guys but we aren't really "friends" anymore) so I kinda wanna "make her happy." I also have a really hard time telling people "no" but now I'm standing my ground. I know this sounds stupid and I'm also surprised you stayed this long but... what should I do?
  • Karliah
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    One time in elementary school, we were in music class and our teacher, Mr. Shevvy (She-v), had us do something that I don't currently remember. I was embarrassed for some reason so I was practically running to my metal chair (which was in the back row by the way..) when suddenly a kid in my class named Drew stuck his foot out and tripped me, making me fly into the METAL chairs. I was so embarrassed and I was a shy kid so I didn't say anything but my cheeks flared up quickly. Oh gosh, I was so embarrassed.
    Embarrassing Stories
    Embarrassing Stori...
    Have you ever had something happen to you that was so embarrassing that it was funny or you wish no one knew that it happened?! Well everyone has and we can all share them and laugh while reading this!!!...
    Luna Magicath
    2 years ago
    oh no. That is the worst.
    I remember in reception we were doing gardening in the field. Well the equivalent of gardening at 4 years old.(i think that is the age) and i had made a big hole to put the seeds in the ground and this boy pushed me and i fell head first showing my underwear for everyone to see. The only good thing that happened was i beat the boy up afterwards.
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    mumbled "Just a thought of the day."

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    Do people really read my mumbles? Like, I just don't feel loved or appreciated. When you look at popular authors, you see them say the stupidest crap but there is always that one person who comments on everything. Am I a good author? Will I someday get noticed? Is there someone out there who will encourage me? Maybe this mumble is for attention, or maybe I'm testing my theory: No one notices me in social media. What if I had a thousand followers? Would I get noticed? Maybe. Logically there would be one person. I would love to share my interests with you guys but.. would you even care?
    Speechless 💔
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    I feel the same. Do people actually read what I write? Why don't they comment? Do they care? I've asked myself these questions before but if you like writing then it doesn't matter if people read it or not, I mean the comments would be nice and all but if writing makes you happy then continue. Eventually people will comment on you're mumbles too. So don't give up! :)
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    i know and totally agree with all 4 of u. people are always concerned about these sorts of stuff. do people like me? what do they really think of me? but hey be yourself love ur self and eventually over time people will love u in return ❤️❤️❤️
    2 years ago
    All of you guys made my day XD
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