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Hi. I'm Jack Lucas, but you can call me Jack. I'm 14 and live in Florida. I'm home-schooled. I have five older sisters and two younger brothers. I like reading, listening to music and writing. I like fighting. I'm normally pretty happy but sometimes, I can get pretty down and sad and mad at everything and everyone, so I am kind of looking for someone to talk to, someone who would understand how I'm feeling.
I'm also a really socially awkward person. And yeah, that's all.

Message me if you want at:

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    Hey there. I'm Jack. I'm 14 and I have Bipolar disorder. I'm home-schooled. I always have been and I probably always will be. You see, I have Bipolar disorder. Now, I'm not sure how many of you actually know what Bipolar disorder is, so I'm gonna tell you about it. By definition, bipolar means (of psychiatric illness) characterised by both manic and depressive episodes, or manic ones only. Basically, what that means is that, I can get really depressive really quickly and I have major moods swings. Most kids when they hear the word: disorder they automatically think that I disabled. But that's not true. All it means is that I have major moods swings, ranging from depression to anger.

    So I'm here to find and make some friends. People who won't treat me like I'm special, like I'm retarded. I want to make some friends that treat me like I'm normal.
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    I'm pretty sure that you know, now, how helpful people actually are here, with the support and positivity evident in the comments. :) I'm Jem! And of course I'd really like to be your friend. Do you plan on sharing your work?
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    Hiya Jack! I would love to be your friend! Even if you have mood swings and could go into depression easily, thats okay because that doesn't define who you are Jack. Im 14 too so i know how it feels to go into depression but i would love to be your friend Jack. I would love to help you get out of it when you want to.So my name is Princess and i hope we become friends!See ya Jack
    2 years ago
    Nice to meet you jack my name is Zoey or Angel I would like to be your friend here at Movellas no one is mean to every other I hope you like it here
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