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ISTP | Type 5 wing 6 | Fandoms| All the fandoms | I've been told my writing is like Neil Gaimon, where I can make something strange feel normal.

Brandon Sanderson is my favorite author. I love Mistborn and Stormlight Archives. Listing all my other favorite authors would be impossible.

Interests- Archery, guitar, horse-back riding, art (digital & traditional.) I want to become a Research Librarian, and would love to work in the film industry.

Ironically Obsessed

por , lunes noviembre 21, 2016
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Ironically Obsessed

At least it used to be ironic. 

Welcome to Ironically Obsessed, where I steal my friend's fandoms, wallow in an existential crisis or two, and invite you all to be ironic then actually just lose your souls to the thing itself. 

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