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I love writing, but I don't do it much. I'm going to try and focus! I play ps4 and work most of the time. Or sleep. But I have cool dreams that I turn into stories and think about stories a lot and write down sentences and paragraphs on napkins as they come to my head or quickly type it out in my phone with as many typos as possible. I love wolves, but somehow I've moved out of my werewolf phase and into a demons and angels phase (?) so you'll definitely see common themes. That is, if you actually read my stuff. That is, if I actually write enough to post something. I was hoping this site would help me stay organised, if not focused.

  • Jadessa Crowe
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    Beautiful. You sound so strong! You are strong! I'm weak and still contemplate suicide.. People "have it worse" than I do and I hate being told that. Like, my problems don't matter. I've got it way worse then some people, too! But, I can't say that. I don't say that. I listen and give my sympathies. It kills me when I can't help my friends out, but, they can't help me, either.
    I admire your courage. Thank you for sharing. We WILL listen. Sharing tells us who you are and also that we are not alone. It helps us to connect. Thank you for sharing.
    I don't bring it up with my family. Only my mom knows about it and she's made jokes before that I didn't appreciate. She never understood and I don't tell her now that I'm not better like she thinks that I am. I have people say things about the topic and in my head I'm like you're such a jerk and you wouldn't be saying those things if you knew that I'm one if "those" people. My grandma has asked me several times if I've ever harmed myself or thought about it and I had to take a scoff and say no. It's sad how no one truly knows who you are, or, they try to pretend it's not how things are. We accept you here, even if we can't relate. Which, I can. Although, you're stronger than I am. Stay strong. ❤️
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    You're not weak. Your problems do matter. I was in the same place you where. I didn't think I could do it. I didn't think I was strong enough to stay alive. It took me a long time. It's been 405 days so far but before that it had only been 100 days...

    I set myself goals. I would say make it 5 days and then 10 and then 20 and then 30...that worked but it got hard. I remember one time I was having a terrible day and so I went to twitter to ask Rebecca Mader for help. By the time she saw my tweet, it was too late, I had already attempted suicide...

    There was only one person I could ever really go too. Only one person who would listen. He's the reason why I'm 405 days strong. He's also the person who I made the promise too. My faith has kept me going; my faith has kept me alive. I'm not strong...I am weak but my father in Heaven is strong..

    Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
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    mumbled "Writers block + Anxiety"

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    I was so hyped to start writing THE IRON DRAGON. I got a few paragraphs in that I like and a bunch that have been deleted, re written, changed up, taken out, switched up, etc. I can't figure out how I want to write the opening scenes and it's driving me crazy. Now it's 4 am and I can't sleep because I'm laying here, still trying to figure the s--t out.
    I was excited to start and now I'm depressed and asking myself, once again, why I try...
    Maybe if I focused on one thing until it was finished, I could be proud, but, usually, I get far into it and end up hating it and starting the whole book over, not even a chapter or paragraph but the entire project. Plus I can't write unless I want to. Been having a hard time focusing. Focussed for about a 2/3 of the time today but kept getting stuck on the 5th paragraph. I opened it with a dream, with her checking out the environment. I can't decide if I want to open it up with just the main characters or introduce other people right away.. I have tried several versions and I still have more versions to attempt I guess. Later... When I have the time. Right now, I'm feeling sick from exhaustion and need to sleep and idk if I'll be able to sleep because I am so crazy.
    Sorry I'm always complaining.. I guess I should stop.. it's usually writing related, though.
    Shaun JH Nightshade
    We all do it, start something and then get bogged down in the writing. It's hard to just write without wanting to go back and micro edit the first few pages. I try and keep to the plan, the words can be changed in the first edit. The idea is the most important thing :) Keep at it :)
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    mumbled "Sneak peek?"

    Does anyone want a teaser at the first chapter of THE IRON DRAGON?
    Jadessa Crowe
    16 hours ago
    Honestly though, I'm pretty stuck on how to continue, already..
    Jadessa Crowe
    15 hours ago
    I can't sleep. It's 3 am. I'm so stressed about it. I keep trying to figure out what my next move is. I had three pages of Google docs typed out now I got one because I keep deleting things and taking things out and moving them around and deleting them again. Honestly tho I do love what I have so far though that is a keep!
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    That is amazing
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    mumbled "Two more"

    These ones have people on them, instead of the dragon, which, the story i obviously about...
    A group of teens wake up with no memories, given only nicknames for identification.
    1 days ago
    Alright i like this one. It shows how they dont know anything and cant see anything about their past. This is a really good cover
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