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    I like the concept, I see that in the comments it's different, in a good way ! It would be easier to read if you separated the dialogue other than that love it so far
    He left me-on hold:(
    He left me-on hold...
    Kat Malik is the sister of zayn Malik but he left her alone and left her a messy note what will happen when he sees her again and does not remember her and will she fall for his best mate* a new chapter...
    5 years ago
    I know I'm new
    5 years ago
    Plz it hurts I'm new at this if you don't like it don't read it
    5 years ago
    I like the concept truthfully ! All I was saying was try to revise the grammatical things, you're new so it's fine !
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    mumbled "Fighting For Love 2 !"

    So I just posted the first chapter to Fighting For Love: After ! I really hope you enjoy reading it as I enjoy writing it. :)
  • izzaybel
    Hi ! So I've unpublished Beautiful Monster since it's on hold right now since I'm working on something currently. I definitely will post it and may or may not be newly written. I hope you guys forgive me if you read it ! Love you guys :)
  • izzaybel
    there hasn't been an update sorry guys I've been super busy !
    A Beautiful Monster
    A Beautiful Monste...
    Teenage New Yorker, Bella. She goes to high school, with typical friends and typical relationship problems, what else is there to tell? Bella doesn't know it just yet but she is the most wanted person...
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