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Just a lonely 5sos fangirl trying to make her way in the world

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    I don't think i'll be updating anymore guys, I'm truly sorry buy i just dont feel the motivation to write anymore��
    red head beauty
    4 years ago
    NO I LOVE your Movellas they are so good please update them and I love unapproved it's so good please don't quit
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    Sorry im not updating guys i've just been having some issues but i'll try my best to update soon
    4 years ago
    If you need any help, I'll help you through anything. Hope things get better, can't wait til you're back to updating
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    It's great❤️❤️❤️ and if u ever wanna talk or anything just ask (not meant to sound like an intrusive bitch)
    September 11, 2001 (L.r.h)
    September 11, 2001...
    a broken girl a brave boy two planes & lots of lost lives
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    Hey babes❤️ I don't think i'll be updating for a while, my friend is being a HUGE jerk and im just really stressed but I'll still try to update soon love you guys❤️��������
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