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  • emptygoldkat
    So TONIGHT after 2764920 I will post the final part to AB/AP
    It is so close to being completed and yeah ��
    4 years ago
    you can tell it's been a while because I can't even English. but then again I have had half a bottle of wine
  • emptygoldkat

    mumbled "😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😳"

    I hate myself for being so procrastinaty so. When I get home instead of playing the sims for 19373020 hours I will finish AB/AP and post some new holiday. I was thinking of deleting my life here on movellas but I've become so attached to holiday I feel the need to finish it
    4 years ago
    Demon Killer2000
    4 years ago
    YESSS!!! Keep going! And the sims is AMAZING
    zeandra aliyah
    4 years ago
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