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Hallo people! :) I'm a shortie, I'm not afraid to admit it!
Call me short? I'll take it as a compliment.
I'm also an Irish babe, and am damn proud of it!
When I'm finally old enough, I want to follow in my dad's footsteps and join the Air Force as a trauma nurse.
Currently a purple belt in ATA taekwondo.
A favorite quote of mine is, "Life is always better when you're laughing." :)
I'm an insomniac and do my best work in the middle of the night or the early morning.
Feel free to follow me on instagram/snapchat( smiley_kay1446 )
If you follow me, I'll follow you.
If you happen to stumble across my page and notice the story called Brat Facts, it is my most popular movella with the most reads and I am so proud of all the feedback I've gotten! Help a honey out and take a look at it and tell me what you think!
Happy reading, my friends! :)

  • Kay Hale
    Hallo, friend! :)
    First, I just want to start off with saying that all of your covers look absolutely wonderful! I was hoping you could create one for me?

    Title: Brat Facts
    Author(s): Kay Hale(Me) and Atla Destyles(Co-author)
    "I come from this close-knit family of Brats.
    Military Brats, that is.
    We go through all of the horrors a military family entails. We face the hardships of our parents being gone for many months at a time and having to learn how to be strong without them.
    Sometimes. . . It's a nightmare.
    But despite all of the troubled skies that we most often have to face, I know I wouldn't trade this life for anything."
    Basically, it's a collection of facts and stories and experiences told in the perspective of military children.
    Ideas: Mainly anything to do with the military, preferably with the US Flag, and/or all of the symbols of the branches(Army, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, Air Force, Navy). I would love to tell you that I have more ideas to give you on the cover as I know it's hard to create something using a really broad spectrum, but honestly, I am the most indecisive person ever and I apologize. I would really love just any cover you'd decide to make for this.

    This is a nonfiction piece that my cousin and I are currently working on, and I would really appreciate it if you could create a cover for this movella. Please and thank you in advance! :)

    The Amazing Cover Store
    The Amazing Cover...
    In need of a cover for your Movella? Well yeah this IS A COVER STORE and I would love to help!!!
    Jellyfam Jordan
    3 years ago
    i know my brain is not working .... testing today
    3 years ago
    Ah ok :)
    Jellyfam Jordan
    3 years ago
    finished chapter three look at it
  • Kay Hale
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    This is such an amazing piece, I cannot even find the words to describe it. Absolutely Brilliant, my friend!
    How To: Woman
    How To: Woman
    "For once I know that I come in too many flavours for one fucking spoon." Aparupa Chakravarty. ©2016 (Cover credits: 'Garden of Melancholia' by Christian Schloe)
    Aparupa Chakravarty
    Thank you so much. Means a lot!

  • Kay Hale
    Hey friend :)
    I know that you unpublished your coverstore movella, probably for a specific reason, but I was hoping I could make a request..
    Since you made the cover for one of my movellas called Finding My Killer, and did such an amazing job at creating it, I was wondering if you could make a cover for the sequel to it called Finding My Ghost?
    If you can't, I understand and it's perfectly fine.
    Thanks :)
    -Kay Hale
  • Kay Hale
    Oooh! I got really excited when you mentioned OU in chapter one! Are you a sooner fan? They're my favorite college team! ^^ And onto the topic of you're actual story, I love it so far! I really hope you're able to update it soon! :)
    Life of an Avatar
    Life of an Avatar
    Nicole Umbrage was adopted at the age of 10 and went 18 years without knowing what she really was until she met him. She was thrown into the world of bending that was totally different then the life she's...
  • Kay Hale

    mumbled "Anxiety.."

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    Does anyone ever feel like time is moving too fast and everything is so overwhelming? Like, one second you were starting grade school and the next you're about 2 years away from graduating high school and you'll soon be thrust out into the real world, and you have literally no idea what you're going to do?
    Everything is moving too fast, and honestly, I'm so scared. I don't know what to do, and I'm getting so anxious about everything. 15 year olds shouldn't feel anxious about all of this yet, should they? Is it normal?
    Kay Hale
    4 years ago
    I think I want to enlist in the Air Force, but I also want to go to medical school and be a surgeon, but I don't really know either...
    Be an army medic. :D
    Kay Hale
    4 years ago
    :) Trust me, I've been thinking about it.
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