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so i may or may not write a lot of harry fanfiction...

  • harryzbabee
    hiiii! can you please make a cover for a new movella im amking called heartbreak hell? its about a girl who meets a guardian angel and they fall for eachother but dont say it, and can it please just have harry as an angel? tyyyy
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  • harryzbabee
    hiii can i please have a cover for my movella Ten Ways To Mend A Broken Heart by Harryzbabee? can it please have harry, and a girl with pink and blue hair with green eyes? thank youuuu
    Want a cover? Here's what you need to do: Name of book: Author: want you want on the cover: And no you do not have to fan me or do anything just ask me! On the comments and I might add it as a chapter...
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