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  • TheOnlyPotato

    mumbled "Bare with me.."

    A new chapter should be up for 'Hold Me While I Sleep' soon! I'm currently back home so it might be a week or so, but I'll get there - I promise you! <3
  • TheOnlyPotato

    mumbled "Don't get me wrong..."

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    I love how people express themselves through FanFiction and the likes, but this whole website has pretty much been taken over by it! There's so much less regular romance than there is fanfiction romance/smut.
    Like wowza guys, I get it, Harry Styles is hot.
  • TheOnlyPotato

    mumbled "Okay people, so I'm back - for good!"

    I know I've not updated in what... a good few years! But here I am, and I have new content to show you all. Places such was Wattpad have not been good to me, only letting a dozen or so people read their work. So its up to you guys to give me advise and possibly even boost my confidence.
    Love you all, stay strong.
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