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hi everyone :) my name is alayah (or ally) and im 16 from australia :) i'm a belieber who loves writing so i combined them together and write fanfics. i love you, thankyou so much for reading. stay strong xo

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    mumbled "sequel to broken!!"

    hey everyone! long time no see :) im just writing to say no, i havent forgotten you all . i AM writing a sequel and i AM rewriting broken - i might even be changing the name. its gonna be heavy construction from now on! expect chapter one of the sequel soon! (as soon as i can stop editing like a freak and actually think of a title of the book lmao) love you guys and if you have suggestions please dont hesitate to message me! mwha xx
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    mumbled "the Maze Runner competition"

    is anyone taking part in the writing competition? i want to but it will be my first competition… i want to know who else is doing it :)
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    You can read all the entries on the competition page under participants (check out your competition) :P
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    omg this is so interesting i want to read more!!! i love it :)
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    To The Moon & Back
    thank you so much, I hope you enjoyed it !!
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