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  • Forevermt21
    Please Read my story: Kidnapped with friends!! Tell me if you want a part two in the comments!!!
    kidnapped (BOOK 1)
    kidnapped (BOOK...
    Kidnap is so easy grab and go; this is what happens to MADISON when her and a friend go to a club. She kidnapped no one to go to, nothing to do; She keeps a secret with Harry that would leave them with...
  • Forevermt21
    Review my movella: Kidnapped with friends.
    Movella inspector
    Movella inspector
    So I'm gonna review random movellas and advise on improvement and rate it. Comment if u want me to review u
  • Forevermt21
    It would be awesome if you checked out my movella : Kidnapped with friends. It would be awesome
    So You Think You Can Write? [CLOSED!]
    So You Think You...
    So, you think you can write, huh? Well, take your writing to the test! I will review your books on here, and tell you what I think of them. I will not post ANY hate. I will give NO hate, promise! If...
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