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Thought is free.
-The Tempest, William Shakespeare.

I'm Hannah. I'm 17. I'm a person and aspiring novelist. Generally friendly, and not prone to biting.

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    mumbled "The Reaper Diaries [Extended]"

    A while ago I wrote a semi-successful story called The Reaper Diaries. Since then, I've been working on developing it into a full length novel. I've submitted the first three chapters of this manuscript to the Sony Young Writers award, and if any of you who enjoyed TRD could hop over there and give it a read, it would mean the world.
    The Reaper Diaries [Extended]Louise didn't expect to be Death. A while ago, I wrote a story on Movellas named The Reaper Diaries that was hashed out in a couple of hours for a conte...

    Thank you for everything. <3
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    mumbled "Nomination for 'The Reaper Diaries'"

    I've been lucky enough to be shortlisted as a fantasy and supernatural story for the movellys. If any of you want to head over there and vote for me to win, that'd be great.
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    mumbled "vague titbits"

    In case anyone is reading this.

    1) I am incredibly humbled by the response to The Reaper Diaries, which has been more than I could ever expect. Thank you guys so much, to everyone has fanned and favourited, etc. You guys rock.
    2) Someone tried to repost The Reaper Diaries on Wattpad, where it was quickly taken down for being a repost of my work. I find this more hilarious than anything else to be honest.
    3) Thanks so much to people who nominated The Reaper Diaries for the Movellys in the Fantasy and Supernatural category, and those who liked the post. I am extraordinarily grateful.
    4) I'm currently working on transforming The Reaper Diaries into a full length novel, so that's occupying most of my writing time, but I may have a short story begging to get out at some point.

    Hope everyone reading this had a great Christmas.