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the only thing worse that a boy you hate is a boy you like

  • Amy Laurenèt
    The only thing you need to change is that Cheshire is not a place but a county and the nearest airport to Holmes chapel would either be Manchester or Liverpool.
    Makenzie Rose is the new girl in town. She leaves her home because her dad abuses her and her mom has gone missing. She flys to Cheshire with her best friend, Kelsey and has barley any money. Until one...
  • Amy Laurenèt
    this is so good! im absolutely in love with this xx
    Stripes, Checks, and Polka-Dots
    Stripes, Checks,...
    David Brown is a tall, lanky redhead who has never really had the occasion to find out what infatuation truly felt like. Grégoire and Marie-Ange Valmont are a pair of french twins who know exactly how...
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