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  • Emma Alden
    Can I be Calum's girlfriend? My name is Emma, brown hair and brown eyes... Medium height... 17 years old... I like green day and rock music... I like football (Liverpool like Calum) and I love puppies and all small animals... And I love Panda Express and pizza... I love wearing band merch and tumblr stuff
    Out of my Limit {Luke Hemmings ff}
    Out of my Limit...
    "Whoa, this isn't your apartment!" "Shush I'm hiding from some people" "Why in my apartment?" "They know where i live, aka next door" Eleanor is a nineteen year old girl, who lives on her own...
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    Yes you can! Thank you! You'll be added in the seventh chapter or the eighth. i wrote all that on a sticky note on my computer, Thank you.!
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