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Hiiiii Guys!!!!!!! So, I'm going to write some Awesome (Like me XD) and Over Dramatic Novels for you :D About me, I'm a Fangirl, Marvel Girl, Music Geek, Gamer And I LOVE my Friends and Followers!!! I also support emos and punk rockers 'cause I LOVE screamo, rock and punk Bands!!! #P!ATD #MCR #FOB etc ;)

  • White Rabbit
    Noooooo WHY Nathan WHY?!?!
    Falling In Love Over & Over Again
    Falling In Love...
    17 year old Elena McCarthy Was in love with a Werewolf And his name was Nathan Sykes... One day he got angry and hit her.. She ran to 1D's house but was unwanted by liam.. Then ran away.. Who will Elena...
    4 years ago
    Sorry, Nathan hated One direction from the beginning, but at the end everything will make since
    White Rabbit
    4 years ago
    Okay Thanks
  • White Rabbit
    OMG OMG OMG!!!!! Plis publica otro capítulo!!
    Choque de Destinos (2da temporada)
    Choque de Destinos...
    Chica/os si nos conocen la temporada inicial aquí esta el link y si estan en un dispositivo móvil esta en mi perfil la...
    4 years ago
    Listoooo <3, gracias por leer :) cuando quieras. :)
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