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I was on here for a long time. It looks like I am having to start all over again. May 16,63 it will not let me put the right year. It keeps going to 2014

Fall On The Shadow

por , miércoles mayo 23, 2018
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                                                Fall On The Shadow

                                     Fall On The Shadow

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  • angel plant
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    This is amazing. I love it.
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  • angel plant

    mumbled "Age 54 05/16/63"

    It keeps telling me every time I go to read a story to give my date of birth but when I put the date in. It will not go through. It just goes back to saying the same thing. I am tired of this.
  • angel plant

    mumbled "Miss My Old post on here but can't get back on it"

    Wish I could get it back I had more books and poems on it and a lot of people as friends . I did a lot of work on it.
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