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❝Fantasy is hardly an escape from reality. It's a way of understanding it.❞
― Lloyd Alexander

  • infinite affection
    Title: Crooked
    Author: infinite affection
    Username: infinite affection
    Quote: Nothing ever lasts forever
    Celebrity: G-Dragon, if it is possible I want to have another girl ( for example, Taylor Swift, Alexandra Daddario, Yoona )
    FF Type: Straight
    Mood: Sad, bad, depressing
    cover / banner store [closed]
    cover / banner sto...
    due to the many cover requests i've been getting, i've decided to make a cover store so your requests can go in there :) also, banners have now been included.
    infinite affection
    Thanks I love it so much!
  • infinite affection
    Title: Crooked
    Subtitle: Nothing ever lasts forever
    Author: infinite affection
    Genre: Fanfiction
    Mood: serious, bad, unhappy
    Ideas: It is a Big Bang (G-Dragon) fanfiction, so please put a picture of G-Dragon.
    Courtney's Cover Store *CLOSED*
    Courtney's Cover...
    Here I make simple, minimal and complex covers for anyone who wants them :)
  • infinite affection
    Title: Crooked
    Author: infinite affection
    Genre: Fanfiction

    It is a Big Bang (Kpop) fanfiction, so I want the cover to be a picture of G-Dragon, a member of Big Bang. As the title says, the story is about G-Dragon's crazy romance with a girl, so I want the picture of him to look like a bad boy and the cover itself to look bad.
    Lily Anna's Cover Store [OPEN]
    Lily Anna's Cover...
    Welcome to Lily Anna's Cover Store! :) If you would like a cover please read the info page first and fill in the details I will need. Please follow the rules and be polite. :) I believe in quality and...
    Lily Anna
    4 years ago
    @[infinite affection] do you still want a cover made? ;)
  • infinite affection
    OMG! I am a fan of BTS!!! This is amazing
    I NEED U - BTS SON...
    Short song-fic inspired by I Need U - BTS :) LYRICS - Korean & English in first chapter. STORY - in second chapter. *Please note the video on the side has a rating of 19+. Korean music video ratings...
  • infinite affection

    mumbled "OMG OMG OMG "

    I had exams three days ago so I was barely caught up on the EXO news and I just found out that....
    How can this be possible?!!!
    First Kris and now Luhan?!!!
    I'm just going to cry all day now... :'(
    infinite affection
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    @[Fantalysia] @[Timeywimeytotoro] I can't believe SM is so tough on their artists. And I also saw that SM treats the Chinese members and the Korean members differently.. :( I wish they will give their artists a proper life...
    5 years ago
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    I know. Luhan also got bullied by other trainees because he was Chinese.

    JYP is also higher in the market than SM now and that doesn't happen every day.
    5 years ago
    Sehun's one literally made me cry. T_T
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