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5 sos is bae love the band #1 fan

  • 5sos_softball44outlaws
    Update plz ����������������������������YASS asdfhjklllhtnxsj
    Skype Brought Me To 5SOS?
    Skype Brought Me...
    What if one mistake, turned out to be the greatest thing that ever happened to you? Rachel Walker is a normal girl, smart, drop-dead-gorgeous(😝), hilariously funny and absolutely in love with Australian...
  • 5sos_softball44outlaws
    Question in the end of your next what happens like when do they " kick some ass" in your mine
    ||You're mine|| sequel to "You're next"
    ||You're mine||...
    //READ YOU'RE NEXT FIRST\\ After everything got sorted out, Jade and the guys became best friends. Jade and Michael have a strong relationship. But when Jade starts falling for someone else, all hell...
    4 years ago
    Basically they just go round and sort things out ��:)
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