The life of Ben

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40. Ben

Chapter 40 Ben

      Pat had contacted Ben from America.  She had seen Donald and she was okay if he wanted to go back to working for the modelling agency and she told him that Donald had explained that the fashion houses this year wanted not only stills but also videos.  This was because their target audience had changed and was now using tablets and phones to view clothes on line.

   Things were not going well for Ben. He was trying to do the impossible. He had arranged with his business partner, Danny, to use the studio at night. Jimmy and Jason with a couple of their new young friends were acting as models.

   Ben had thought that the only way to achieve both types of shots was to layer the clothes. He had the boy’s model jeans and then strip down to their underwear. Although it worked well photographically with single shots, allowing time for erections to subside, this would not work for the videos the fashion houses wanted. Unfortunately, they were too pornographic.


   “You look terrible,” Pat declared as Ben met her at the airport.

    “Well I haven’t been sleeping too well.” Ben replied taking her case.

   On the train home, Ben explained that he was almost ready to give up on ever achieving the videos the clients wanted.

    Much later at home, Pat explained why she had visited Donald and laughingly showed Ben the photos of Bobby in his low riders exposing his butt cheeks. They both agreed that the boy looked like a younger version of Jimmy. Suddenly Ben had an idea of how to achieve the desired videos.

   That evening, back in the studio, Ben simply had Jimmy and the other boy models turn completely around once fully dressed then again so they had their backs to the video camera before stripping down to their underpants. Therefore, allowing them time to calm down sexually if needed before turning back to face the camera.

     He tried this several time to make sure it worked before contacting Donald as it was still early in New York and had a conversation about returning. Ben then explained the problems he was having producing the videos and his solution to them and asked whether the fashion houses would go for it.

   Donald was all for it. He liked the idea of using the fashion of wearing trousers down showing the top of the underpants that they called saggers in the States. It would appeal to the teens. They agreed that showing a lot of arse as the boys stripped would get the gay interest especially if they only used boys who had great butts.


   Ben felt good. The place was crowded with teenage boys. He had taken Jimmy and Jason to a gay club to thank them for all their help in solving his problems in producing a video.

   He had thought it would be fun and was looking forward to taking someone home, Pat having already left to sort out living accommodation ready for his return to the States.

   Ben had started by dancing with both of his younger friends who soon left him having paired up with other younger men.

   Ben stopped dancing and moved over to the bar for a drink. Looking for someone to take home felt strange. Back in the States he would’ve been surrounded by young guys, all ready to go to bed with him because of who, he was and what he could do for them. Instead here he was watching them jumping around laughing and showing off their beautifully bodies. Suddenly Ben found himself surrounded by a group of teenage boys. They all wanted to be in his next porno video. Apparently one of Jimmy and Jason’s young friends, who had acted as a model in Ben’s studio had, without Ben’s knowledge, captured almost everything that had happened that night on his phone and had posted it to all his friends. Ben should have been annoyed, but all the noise the boys were making had got the attention of a good looking young man, which solved the problem of who to take home.


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