The life of Ben


41. Part five/ Stephan

Chapter 41 Part five/ Stephan

Stephan had seen the video the other boys were shouting about, and although he was excited he had held back from crowding the guy who had made it all happen. He watched from the bar and waited to be noticed.

His luck was in when the man chose him over all the rest to take home that evening.

On entering the bedroom, he was somewhat overwhelmed by all the mirrors especially the ones on the ceiling. The sex had been unbelievably good; he really liked watching both their bodies through the overhead mirrors, it sort, of took him back to when he was in Poland in the porn movie business.


The following morning Stephan awoke to the sound of Ben’s camera clicking away, shooting shot after shot of their reflection in the mirrored ceiling above them. Stephan moved nearer Ben and snuggled up close.

Ben stopped taking pictures and said, “Good morning,” and then kissed Stephan.

Stephan smiled and thought he would like to stay here longer. It certainly was a better space than the one in the room he shared with six others. First, he had enjoyed taking a shower before going to bed, which was so soft and very large giving plenty of room to move around.

The sex for once had been most enjoyable, this guy, Ben, had been very gentle and had stopped before it hurt too much.

Before anything else could happen, there was a banging on the open door and a cute boy standing there announced that breakfast was almost ready. At the same time he gave Stephan a knowing smile. 

Ben thanked the boy, whom he called Jimmy, and told Stephan there was still time for a quick shower together. 

After the shower, which turned into a quickie, sex wise, Stephan wearing a clean pair of underpants Ben had provided, followed him into the kitchen for breakfast.


When Stephan entered the kitchen, the cute boy from earlier was there, “Hi, I’m Jimmy and your Stephan, right?” he said smiling.

“Yes,” Stephen replied, smiling back at Jimmy.

“Did you and Ben have a nice shower together?” Jimmy inquired, giving Ben a knowing look because as a general rule Ben when entertaining would leave the bathroom door unlocked and for anyone passing wishing to join in..

“Yes, it was great to have someone to wash my back.” Stephan replied.

This reply made Ben smile. because Jimmy had come into the bathroom while they were in the shower having sex and indicated for him to hurry up as breakfast was ready.

Stephan now asked “Don’t I know you from somewhere?”

“Maybe in the club,” Jimmy suggested.

“No, that can’t be! For that was my first time at the club.”

 Jimmy started laughing again and turned around. He then pushed down his jeans and underpants exposing the tattoo on his left bare butt cheek.

Now Stephan laughingly declared, “Ah, yes, I recognise you now, you’re one of the boys in the video.”

Just then Jason came into the kitchen. At the sight of him Stephan’s heart began to race.

 Jason slapped Jimmy’s exposed butt cheeks and told him to stop fooling around. He then offered his hand to Stephan introducing himself as another one of Ben’s models, but did not follow Jimmy’s example of exposing himself to Stephan’s disappointment.

Stephan found breakfast with Ben and the two boy’s great fun. After a long conversation instead of sending him home, Ben suggested Stephan might like to come with them to the studio.  

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