How to prunonce Canadian states and cities. EH

The real deal of language up in the snow and great northern, EH...

2Me gustan

1. How canadian Cities are prunonced, EH.

How to pronounce Canada cities.

British Colombia = Br-EH-tish Colombi-EH
Alberta = Albert-EH
Manitoba - Manitob-EH
New Brunswick = N-EH Brunsw-EH-k
New Foundland and Labrador = N-EH-Found-L-EH-nd
Nova Scotia = Nov-EH Scot-EH
Nunavul = Nunavut-EH
Ontario = Ontari-EH-o
Prince Edward Island = Prince EH-ward Islan-EH
Quebec = Qu-EH-bec
Saskatchewen = sask-EH-tch-EH-w-EH-n
Calgary = Calgar-EH

What's this aboot anyway...what is a name, eh?


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