Set in Stone

Long ago, a great kingdom lost a king. They now are ruled under no one and there is not a single soul that has the right to become the next ruler. As a test, the king's sword was placed into a boulder and only the true ruler can pull it from its stone prison. Years after past and there is still no ruler and the kingdom is falling apart, as no heir has taken the sword, they are in preparation for a challenge in hopes of crowning a new line to the throne.

1Me gustan

16. Relationships

Sans and Frisk were both caught by Undyne, Sans didn’t bother using his magic when he was tackled to the ground by the fish monster. The two were drug inside and they were thrown into chairs, Sans rubbed his spine from the rough impact. Undyne walked up to their ruler.

“Frisk, you need to tell us your gender so we can find you a partner to keep the bloodline strong,” Undyne said getting into Frisk’s face.

“I’m a human,” Frisk said irritating the fish monster.

“No Frisk,’ Undyne said sighing out.

Sans couldn’t help but laugh at Undyne, which he got her attention. She came stomping over to him and got in his face.

“You think this is funny bone man?” Undyne growled to him.

“Honestly, yes,” Sans said with a smile. “I find this all rather hilarious, I would leave the kid alone. They found something that caught their interest today.”

“Sans!” Frisk yelled to him.

“I’m not giving details kiddo,” Sans said to Frisk.

“Wait, they found a potential partner?” Undyne asked.

“See you are the one that made her think that,” Sans said to Frisk.

“Sans!” Frisk said.

“That’s great, we’ll step up a wedding and every kingdom shall know of the union,” Undyne said.

“Let’s not get ahead of ourselves now,” Sans said getting up from the chair. “Let Frisk court her, we can’t jump ahead while this relationship is in a fragile state.”

“Very well,” Undyne said glaring at the wizard. “But you are going to be in charge of making sure that this goes well.”

“No promises,” Sans said up to the fish monster.

Undyne groaned and walked out of the room.

“Sans, we could have kept this a secret,” Frisk said.

“And have her find out on her own and go overboard,” Sans groaned to the young ruler. “No thank you.”

“Zion is not going to allow you to get close to us,” Frisk said to his magician.

“Obviously you are not thinking about what I can do,” Sans said. “I can change my form and I can observe you from afar.”

“I forgot that you can shapeshift,” Frisk said to Sans.

“Now, let us see about getting you and her alone again,” Sans said while walking with Frisk.


Frisk was overjoyed to know that he was allowed to talk to Gwen, he had been talking with her and he was ready to ask the big question to her. Frisk was sitting in Sans’s room while Sans was working on a small project that he was currently working on.

“Sans, this is big,” Frisk said sitting on Sans’s bed. “I really like this girl and she’s perfect.”

“Slow down bucko,” Sans said with his face buried within a small wooden machine. “She might only like you as a friend.”

“Oh please spare me this talk,” Frisk said from the bed.

“What would you like me to say?” Sans asked looking over at Frisk. “Yes, my king, you’re choice in doing so is absolutely going to go correctly.”

“I would like an answer from you soothsayer,” Frisk said resting their head on their knuckles with a small smile crossing his face.

“You do realize that you cannot trick me into giving you how this will turn out for you,” Sans said returning to his work.

“What are you working on anyway?” Frisk asked looking at the thing in front of Sans.

“Just working on something that I saw in a vision,” Sans said. “I can actually create it with the material I can acquire.”

“What is it?” Frisk asked.

Sans moved some materials around and showed Frisk a picture scribbled on some paper, Frisk looked at it. To them it was weird and Sans stopped and looked up at them.

“It’s a plane,” Sans said. “Or I think that’s what it is called. Either way, what it does is that it flies like a bird and can move people within it. This is just a basic model of it.”

“That’s incredible,” Frisk said to his wizard.

“Again only a model,” Sans said grabbing the paper back from them. “You should get yourself ready to impress the young lady that is coming to have a talk with you.”

“Are you going to be around us?” Frisk asked.

“No,” Sans said to his king. “I rather not interfere with this delicate matter.”

Frisk sighed and left his wizard’s room, to which he ran into someone. Frisk straightened himself and looked down, it was Gwen who ran into him.

“I am sorry,” Gwen said to Frisk.

“I should be the one apologizing,” Frisk said to her.

“No I am within your castle,” Gwen said. “You deserve more respect than me.”

“Would you two love birds go somewhere else than in front of my door!?” Sans exclaimed from within the room.

Frisk gave a small chuckle and looked at Gwen who was in disbelief.

“You let him talk to you like that?” Gwen asked.

“He’s a friend,” Frisk said to Gwen. “Come this way so we can allow the old grumpy bones to his work.”

Frisk heard a grumble from the room while he guided Gwen out to the garden.

“How long have you know Sans?” Gwen asked.

“I’ve known him for a while now,” Frisk said. “He’s been there believing in me when no one else would. He’s actually quite amazing, along with protecting from what is a great evil.”

“The great evil that Sans protected everyone from,” Gwen said.

“Yes, but look Sans is no one to fear,” Frisk said. “He’s a great wizard and the greatest friend anyone can ask for.”

“I believe you,” Gwen said. “I never actually met a real wizard before, I’ve seen gestures that do fake magic and tricks.”

“Sans can shapeshift and he has shapeshifted before in the past,” Frisk sighed.

“Like what?” Gwen asked.

“A bird for me and he changed into a dragon to fight off this great evil,” Frisk said.

Frisk looked up and saw a blue salamander crawl past his foot and knew that it was Sans.

“But it’s just something he can do,” Frisk said. “Other than that, what’s your kingdom like?”

“Boring compared to yours,” Gwen said not noticing the salamander that Frisk saw. “We have a few monsters within our kingdom, but their kind of rude and mostly annoying.”

“Some can be like that,” Frisk said sitting on the ground.

Frisk felt a sharp pain in his hand and saw Sans latched onto his hand while glaring. Frisk shook him off and moved his hand from the ground.

“What was that?” Gwen asked.

“Just a small lizard making it’s territory known,” Frisk said. “Nothing to worry about.”

The two continued talking until Frisk felt the need to ask the question.

“So, I really like you a lot,” Frisk said. “You’re pretty amazing and I want you to be mine.”

“This is sudden,” Gwen said looking away from Frisk.

Frisk felt his heart drop, was Sans right about this? Did he spring it on her too quickly?

“But I like you as well,” Gwen said. “It would be an honor to be with you.”

Frisk was elated and hugged Gwen, he couldn’t have been happier.

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