The Jerry and The Jap

History (WW2):
Ashlyn is a Japanese nurse on the front lines. Christian is a German soldier, also on the front lines. With the alliance between the two countries, they were bound to meet sometime. But she is told she needs to take care of and watch over a German soldier until he is able to rejoin the front line. When she meets him, she can barely hold back thoughts that crept into her mind.

Christian is critically injured in a crossfire and is put under the care of a Japanese nurse. She seemed alright. A bit shy and quiet, but nice overall. Though he just couldn't stop watching her as she went around assisting him with daily needs. Something about her intrigued him.

They begin to talk and slowly get to know a bit about each, and grow to be quite close. They both soon realize what that feeling inside is, but will they take action before he is fully healed?

1Me gustan

Author's note

Keep in mind, this will NOT be historically accurate or correct. And It is not meant to be an offense to anyone.
The author has rated this movella as yellow, meaning it is inappropriate for users under the age of 13.
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