Save Me - Jimin Fanfic

Natasha works as a bartender in a very busy nightclub in London city centre. Most celebrities go there as it’s a hit with many a-lists like Beyoncé, Madonna, Ed Sheeran, Harry Styles ect...

This one particular night her manager asks her to work on the VIP bar which as you can guess is a private bar and area for celebrities to use, but was given a warning that these guys don’t speak much English as they’re Korean or something.

The thing with working on the VIP bar is there is a few simple rules to follow:

1) You can have you’re on you but no taking photos - understandable as embarrassing drunk photos can ruin a career.

2) do whatever they ask - which means whatever.

3) use a fake name if they ask for it - which I happen to forget to do quite a lot.

What happens when she finds herself falling into a scandal with one of the members of BTS and has to find away to get herself out of it without causing an uproar. When all she can think about wtf did I get drunk with them and why di

4Me gustan

47. Chapter FORTY-FOUR


We walk over to the basket ball game and we choose who playing against who. Yoongi is up first against Jin. I slide the coins into the slot and and the balls drop in front of them, they quickly being to throw it into the hoop but Yoongi surprisingly misses quite a few.

"This has nothing to do with skill" he comments as he finally get four in a row in.

"Come on Min Suga" I scream and watch as Jin continues to through the ball into the hoop.

"Suga! Suga! Suga! Suga!" We all cheer putting him a little under pressure.

"Jin! Jin! Jin! Jin!" The others cheer as the finals ball is thrown and we wait for the score to get tallied up.

"Yay!!!!!!" Fraya screams and begins to jump up and down.

"Babe please calm down" Hoseok says trying to stop her from jumping around. I take my spot in front of the machine as Namjoon joins next to me.

"I'll go easy on you" he winks at me as we start our round. The balls fall in front of me and I quickly throw it straight into the hoop, I squeal and continue to get them in it.

"Wow you're really good at this" Jimin comments and kisses the top of me head. I blush lightly and continue to throw the ball into the hoop only missing a few at a time.



"1" they count down as I quickly throw the last ball. We wait for the total to finish being counted up when I scream really loudly !!!

"OH MY GOD I ACTUALLY WON!!!" I yell and jump up and down full of excitement. I wrap my arms around Jimin's neck and continue to jump up and down as he picks me up and wraps my legs around his waist. I give him a wide happy smile and smash my lips against his.

Jungkook goes against Fraya as I continue my make out session with Jimin who has sat me on top of game machine as I tug at his roots. He moans lightly into the kiss as I glide my tongue across his bottom lip. "Mmmm if you continue I won't be able to stop" he groans as he pulls away from my lips and start kissing my neck.

"If you continue I won't be able to stop" I say back to him as he starts to suck the skin on my sweet spot.

"Fuck sake" Fraya curses as Kookie does a funny celebration dance.

"We better stop this now as your next" I sigh and climb down as I plant a light kiss on his lips. We walk back over to the group as he takes a stand in front of the machine. His round starts and he's against Hoseok.

Hoseok win but we're in the lead, next is Tae choses to go against Namjoon which he loses because he kept hitting himself in the face with the ball which was quite amusing.

We play the next round which is racing and we win that one two it's finally time for air hockey and we'll so far so good. We're tying but there is literally two rounds left me vs Hoseok and Jungkook vs whom ever he chooses. I slide the hockey puke across the table and it goes straight in.

"Wow I didn't realise you guys where this competitive" I laugh as I watch J-Hope pout as he looks at the score.

"Come on babe you can't let them win. I really don't wanna do the penalty" Fraya comments and he just rolls his eyes then rolls up his sleeves.

"It's so on now Tasha" he says to me and make the cut throat side with his thumb.

"Oh it's so on" I laugh and watch him slide the puck across the table. I block it from going in and slam it so hard that is bounces off the table and knocks against Jimin's crotch. He quickly falls the the floor groaning. I stop what I'm doing and run over to his side.

"Baby, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean too" I pout and rub his arm to try and comfort him.

"You better kiss it better later" he teases and I roll my eyes and help him into his feet.

"I promise" I say and kiss his cheeks. I go back to playing and win the round. Jungkook goes against Jin, and completely dominates the game.

"Tsk! Kookie is good at everything" Jin comment which we all nod our head in agreement.

"Ahaha it's cause your old hyung" he jokes and I see Jin's face flare up. Oh no!

"Excuse me! I maybe old but your not gonna be a spring chicken forever young man! Plus watch your mouth ! I'll still beat you into shape mister" Jin snaps and my mouth drops. Holy shit ! Jin really knows how to go off on one that's for sure.

"Guys cmon it's just a friendly game nothing more" I smile trying to calm them both down.

After everyone has played the game which might I add my team won and aren't doing the penalty which is great because I don't wanna do anything stupid again. Me, Jimin, Tae, Suga and JK all huddle together to discuss the groups penalty.

"I'm think we make them wear matching outfits for the show tonight and take a photo and post it to social media" I suggest and they all mumble something.

"How about, forfeit a favourite item of clothing or collectable to be destroyed at the winners discretion" Suga says and my eyes go wide.

"Ooooo that's a good one, get Hobi to give up them god awful Balenciaga's he loves so much" JK commented and I let out a little giggle. He's not wrong them shoes are foul and I'm surprised Fraya hasn't said anything about them.

"Yes!! So it's agreed they have to give up a favourite item to be destroyed" Tae smiles and we all nod our heads. We turn round and head back to the group.

"So what's our punishment?" Namjoon asks and I let out an evil laugh.

"Yoongi, seen as it was you're idea you can tell them" Jimin says and directs him to says what's going to happen.

"So.... your punishment is to give us one of the most favourite items can be either clothing or collectible to be destroyed... we chose how it will be destroyed" he explains and I watch the others face drop.

"Finally, an excuse to get rid of them hideous shoes of yours babe" Fraya comments and I burst into laughter. She finally said it after all this time.

"What do you mean awful those are peng as hell" Hobi comments and we all shake our heads in disagreement.

"No chance am I let you destroy them. I'll give something else up." He states and I let out a disappointed sigh. Buzz kill.

"Okay.. well you can decide later when we get back to hotel but now we really need to get going as the show starts in a few hours" Jin says looking up from his phone screen.

We walk out of the amusement and head towards the cars which were waiting for us. We hop in and set off pretty much straight away. The drive was filled with the losers deciding on what should be destroyed when I thought of letting the fans decide on Twitter which they shut down well mostly Hoseok because he knows the army will chose his shoes.

The boys are hurried off to get ready as soon as we enter the arena. "What you going to give up then?" I ask Fraya as we head towards the stage.

"Honestly I don't know, I don't really have anything with me that's my most prized possessions... all I have is Polaroid's of me and Hobi" she says weakly and I know what's she's thinking.

"Believe me I'm just as devastated about the whole situation too. I don't want me and Jimin to break up but your situation is worse then mine. How can you not tell the unborn child who is father is ? That's damn right disgusting" I rant as we get closer to the stage.

"Honestly, I don't know but Hoseok has told me to make sure the kid knows who their dad is and that they are loved by him" she half smiles and I feel my heart break.

"But that's not fair! You saw how I turned out when my dad fucked off when I was born. How to this day he denies I'm even his" I reply and she rolls her eyes.

"Yeah well maybe this time it will be different. Hobi says he's going to come and sneak to see us during vacations and to come to appointments and everything. He's even bought a secret phone so I can text him and stuff still" she smiles as I see the hope come back into her eyes.

"Me and Jimin are staying together and he's going to plan to come over to see me when he can and stuff... were also going to try our best to prove how much in love we are I these coming days. I've got loads of Instagram posts scheduled to be uploaded and everything" I beam as we take our seats hidden away at the side of the stage.

"I'm so glad you're not breaking up because you've come so far to not be happy with him. It's a shame they are trying to stop the boys from being in love and happy" she pouts and I agree it really is shitty that they aren't allowing the boys to be happy with us.

The boys come onto the stage and the whole show begins. I sit smiling and watching the boys having fun  and messing about when it hits me like a tone of bricks.... I'm never going to get to see these boys act like this again on stage because I'm going back to London in two days. My smile turns into a blank expression as my body wells up with emotional and heart ache.

Tears fall freely from my eyes and I attempt to keep my sobs back but fail miserably. I wipe my eyes with the sleeve of me jacket as my shoulders tremble slightly. I turn away from the stage and take out my phone and snap a quick photo of me and the boys in the distance and upload it to Instagram.

@Tasha_jayne96 - Its going to be wierd not watching these boys preform when I got back to London in two days. It's going to be awful waking up on a morning without Jimin cuddled up next to me. Not listening to him singing in the shower, or prancing around being cute and adorable. Not walking down the hall to talk to Kookie about something that bothering me. Not having Jin mother me or Tae rambling about something he loves. Not watching Hobi and Fraya fuss over each other. Not laughing at every time Yoongi complains or makes a rather sassy comment but finally not having Joonie to comfort me when I'm down and depressed as we sit and look out of the window together. Hopefully it won't be long till I see these 7 amazing and very talented boys again !!! Can't wait to show you what I've got in store for tomorrow. @bts.bighitofficial 💓💗

I lock my phone and attempt to calm my self down as the boys head back stage for a costume change as Jimin noticed me wiping away my tears. He quickly comes running over and engulfs me into a warm yet sweaty embrace and plants a kiss on my forehead and I begin to sob into his chest. "Baby girl what's wrong ?" He asks me.

"I'm never going to see this again. I'm never going to watch you guys mess about on stage and enjoy yourself. I'm never going to get to hang out with you all and have a laugh with you. I'm never going to get to hold you and tell you how much I love you all over social media" I say through my tears and I hold him close to me.

"Baby... you know we aren't actually breaking up" he whispers into my ear and I shake my head and ignore him.

"Doesn't change the fact that I'm not going to be able to do a lot of things because we're going to break up and I'll be left heart broken. If they find out we're still together what's going to happen to you ? I'm scared Jimin and all I want to do is be with you and never stop loving you !!! It's not fair that my happiness is at stake because your manager and boss doesn't want us together" I cry harder as I hear him get called to get change.

"I'll be there in a few moments... Natasha look at Me" he says and pulls me away from him. I look up at him with red puffy eyes and as sadness fall on his face.

"You're not losing me! We've come to far to let anyone and I repeat anyone take you away from me! Your mine do you hear me! I love you and that it. I want you in my life and I'll prove it tomorrow in front if everyone I promise!!" He says before giving me a quick kiss and going to get changed... what the hell does he mean he's going to prove it in front of everyone.

- Hey

Right let me explain as to why I agent updated in like forever. 1) it was bank holiday and I was working everyday over the weekend including Sunday. 2) I'm terrible at keeping a schedule 3) I had no ideas what to write.

I hope you can forgive me and enjoy this chapter. I'll try my best to update tomorrow if not then I have no idea when I'll next up date but it will be soon I hope.

Meg x -

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