Save Me - Jimin Fanfic

Natasha works as a bartender in a very busy nightclub in London city centre. Most celebrities go there as it’s a hit with many a-lists like Beyoncé, Madonna, Ed Sheeran, Harry Styles ect...

This one particular night her manager asks her to work on the VIP bar which as you can guess is a private bar and area for celebrities to use, but was given a warning that these guys don’t speak much English as they’re Korean or something.

The thing with working on the VIP bar is there is a few simple rules to follow:

1) You can have you’re on you but no taking photos - understandable as embarrassing drunk photos can ruin a career.

2) do whatever they ask - which means whatever.

3) use a fake name if they ask for it - which I happen to forget to do quite a lot.

What happens when she finds herself falling into a scandal with one of the members of BTS and has to find away to get herself out of it without causing an uproar. When all she can think about wtf did I get drunk with them and why di

4Me gustan

45. Chapter FORTY-TWO


We land in Chicago about 2 hours or so after we boarded the plan and honestly it was more beautiful then I expected. As a kid I loved watching the film based in Chicago and always dreamed of coming here, and now I'm here with my unbelievably handsome boyfriend, my pregnant best friend and six amazing lad that have all become a huge part of my life.

The only down fall is that in two days it's all over and I won't be able to talk to them anymore or anything. Jimin and I have agreed to keep our relationship going in secret until we find a way to make Bang PD and Sejin accepting of us as well as Fraya and Hobi. How? I honestly couldn't tell you but I'm going to make the most of these next couple of days and show Sejin I love Jimin so much and that I love the boys just as much too.

"Jimin-ssi" Kookies small voice calls behind us as we walk through the airport, past the screaming fan and flashing camera.

"What Jungkook?" Jimin snaps harshly as he stops and glares at him.

"I'm sorry about yesterday. I didn't mean to... you know please don't hate me" his whispers trying to not let the fans or press over hear him.

"Hey! It's fine. Totally forgotten about. Right Jimin" I smile and nudge him. He lets out a small groan and nods his head as he continues walking towards the exits.

"He's really mad huh?" Kookies asks me and I nod my but give his shoulders a squeeze to reassure him.

"I'll talk to him don't worry. I wanna make the most of our last days together" I smile and wrap my arms around his shoulder and start to follow true others.

"So much optimism even with everything going on" he laughs as he places his arm around my back.

"I have to be. Everyone else is glum and depressed. I need to keeps everyone's spirit up. I have so much planned !!! Don't you worry it will be worth it" I beam and basically skip my way out of the airport as I think about everything we're going to get up too.

We are huddled into the car and driven to the hotel which was just as grand as the others which doesn't surprise me. Only the best for these boys. We are shown to our rooms and given the keys to unlock the door and left to our own devices. I take out my phone and send a quick message to the group chat.

Me: Everyone come to mine and Jimin's room when you've got settled and everything as the fun starts now !!! Xxx

I hit send and start to unpack my bag. I watch as Jimin throws himself onto the bed and snuggles into the pillow.

"Don't you dare fall asleep mister. I have plans for us all" I say crossing my arms over my chest and tapping my foot on the floor, staring daggers into his back.

"Tsk. I don't wanna go." He groans and I roll my eyes.

"No! I have only a couple of days left with you and the boys and I want it to be the best time ever! So get your fine arse up off the bed and finish unpacking before they get here" I tell him and spank his arse before finishing unpacking my things.

"Ugh! The things I do for you" he comments and gets up off the bed and starts to unpack. I feel my heart dip slightly at him comment but brush it off as him being tired and grumpy about the whole situation.

"I love you" I say and give him a small smile but he ignores me and finishes his unpacking.

"Hey!" I say as I hear a knock at the door. He gives me a look and points to the door telling me to get it. I roll my eyes and open the door to see everyone except JK standing there. I move out of the way so they can come and look around for him.

"Kookie isn't feeling to apparently" Namjoon says and gives me a small hug before taking a seat on my bed. I take out my phone and type a rather stern text to him.

Me: Kookie you better get your arse to my room now before I beat you into next week. I'm not doing this without you !! Xx

I hit send and put my phone back into my pocket. Everyone looks at me to explain what's going and I notice Jimin has finally finished unpacking and is sat scrolling through his phone.

"So.... I have the next two days planned with things were going to do. I promise they are fun and exciting!!" I beam and clap my hands. There a knock at the door and I quickly open it and pull Jungkook into the room.

"You're late but I don't care because we're heading out now" I say to him and quickly grab my bag and shove my purse and everything we need into it.

"What's first on the agenda then?" Namjoon asks as we leave my room and head down the hall.

"An escape room but we'll pick the teams when we get there and team captains" I reply and slip my hand into Jimin's who seems to tense at the touch of my hands against his. Seriously what is going on with him.

We get into the cars and drive towards our first destination. "Tasha... I'm sorry about my mood swings I just have a lot on my mind" Jimin's sweet voice says as he rests his head onto my shoulder.

"It's fine baby. I'm just worried about you. I hope these next couple of days cheer you up and help you forget about it" I say as I kiss the top of his head and give his hands a tight squeeze.

We pull up outside the escape room, and rush out of the cars. We walk inside and see it's split into two rooms, 'Underground' and 'Prison break'. "The group of BTS right ?" The gentleman's asks me and I nod my head.

"Right let me explain the rules and you can decide the teams. You have 1 hour to complete the room. You must work as a team to work through all the puzzles and hidden doors. Which ever team completes the room in the slowest time or after the timer runs out has to do a penalty. You have 5 hints so use them wisely. Last but not least have fun" he explains before unlocking both of the doors whilst we decided who's being on what team.

"Right we need two team captains" I say and look around the group.

"I nominate Natasha because this was her idea and Namjoon because he has the highest IQ" Jin says and I nod my head.

"Okay. Rock, Paper, Scissors to choose members of our team" Namjoon asks me and I nod my head again and get my hand ready to play.

"an naemyeon jingeo gawi bawi bo!" Namjoon say and opens his hand as I make a scissor shape with my fingers.

"Yay!! I get first pick.... Come here ChimChim" I smile and wiggle my finger to tell him to come to my team.

"I chose Jin" Namjoon says and Jin goes and stands beside him.

"Jin and Jimin get to chose now" I say and watch as they get their hands ready.

"gawi bawi bo!" Jimin yells and makes his hand into a fist whilst Jin chooses Paper.

"Hobi" Jin cheers and hugs Hoseok tightly.

"Taehyungie" Jimin says quietly and pats Tae back when he joins his side.

"gawi bawi bo" Tae says to Hobi who makes his hands into scissors whilst Tae does rock.

"Kookie my boy" Tae screams and I watch as Jimin's face drops slightly but goes back to normal and starts to act all giddy and childish.

"Fraya, baby" Hobi beams to her and she happily walks over to him.

"Only Yoongi left so who ever wins gets the best player" I say and give him a small smile which he returns.

"gawi bawi bo" Kookie sings and makes his hand into paper whilst Fraya makes rock. I cheer and jump up and down because we get Yoongi's genius brain on our team!! I run over to him and engulf him into a hug which he awkwardly returns.

"Right well we'll see you in an hours time" Namjoon laughs and gives me a wink before heading into the 'Underground' room as we head to the prison themed one. As soon as we enter the room, the door in locked behind us and the bright red timer starts to count down.

I see a arrow point to a panel on the wall with 'Start here' above it. I quickly scan the letter underneath it.

Dear My Love,

I plan on brEaking out of this dreAdful place but I need help doing it. I have everythinG planned and I set my escape for 09/27/1998 at 17:45 please wait for me at the back entrance. I love you dearly.

You're troublesome husband.

I notice a few of the words are in red and some are underlined. I head to the cell door and see a padlock with number digits on it. "Jimin read out the date underlined on the letter please" I ask him and he does as I ask.

"09. 27 and 1998" he replies and I see it's only a 4 number lock. I try 09 and 27 first but it doesn't budge so I try 1998 but that doesn't work either.

"Ahhhh what can I be?" I scream as look around the room for other things that could help.

"What about these lockers" he points to the grey lockers at the other side of the small room.  I walk over and see a few are open and a few are locked.

"Wait!! Here look at this" Yoongi says and points to the lettering above the cell and see a few letters are missing.

"C_LL BLOCK T_N_O" Jimin read and begins to read the letter again.

We quickly figure out the missing letters on above cell and the red one on the letter are what we need to figure out a way to open the door. I scan the locks on the lockers and notice one is a letter combo. I quickly try E, A and G and the door opens revealing a little riddle at the back of it.

"What kind of party do prisoners like best?" I repeat and stare blankly at it.

"Is that some sort of dad joke because we'd need Jin for that" Kookie comments which makes me crack into a smile.

"A going-away party" Tae says out of no where and I burst into a fit of laughter.

"Yeah good one Tae" Jimin laughs and slaps his shoulder as we all continue to laugh our head off.

"No I'm serious. Look at what's on the cell wall" he says and we all quickly look over and see the words scratched into the wall: oh wow he's good.

"Yeah but how does that help us" I ask even more puzzled then before.

"We need a hint" Yoongi says and picks up the phone and asks for the hint.

"It's the answer to the other locker" he says and quickly says it into the voice activated lock. It opens and he takes out a piece of paper with numbers sprawled across it: he quickly put them into the cell lock and it opens. We hurry into the next room seeing we've spent 20 minutes working on just getting into this room.

"An other letter" I says and quickly read it out loud.

"Dear my sweet wife,

The days are getting closer till I can see you again and I really can't wait. In 72 hours, I'll be in your arms again. I LOVE YOU!!

Love your devoted husband"

"The 72 and I love you are underlined" Jimin says looking over my shoulder and take this opportunity to be cute.

"I love you too" I say and he just laughs and kisses my cheek before searching the cell. I watch Yoongi press a button which unlocks a secret door hidden in the wall in front of me. I crawl through and see puzzles everywhere. Oh god, this is gonna be harder then I thought.

"Jimin, Kookie and Tae you work on figuring out what could be meant by this letter and me and Yoongi will crack these wooden puzzles" I tell them and we all get on it.

I hand Yoongi pieces of the puzzle as he tries to figure out what piece could go where. I hear Tae ask for a hint and quickly goes and tells he boys the answer.

"We've opened another door" Kookie yells and we quickly rush over and out of the cell to where the boys are and into the other room.

"Maybe this links to our room" Yoongi says and we scan the room for things that could help. When I see a wooden piece of the puzzle locked in a box.

"You're right about that Yoongles" I say and walk over to the box and attempt to take the box but it doesn't budge.

"We need a key to open it" Tae comments and head back to the other room. I follow behind him and see an unopened locker. With another number panel on it with only two digits on it. I try 72 and it opens straight away revealing the key. I take it and head back to the boys, unlocking the box and taking the wooden piece of the puzzle.

We rush back to the other room and all focus on this puzzle. Knowing we only had 10 minuets left on the clock. "Hurry up guys" Tae rushes us and with the last piece the door opens and we cheers as we've finished the room.

"Yes we did it" I cheer and hugs them all till I see the other group stood there waiting for us.

"But we lost which means we have to do the penalty" Jimin sighs and I roll my eyes.

"It can't be that bad right ?" I ask them and they all let out a evil little laugh and hand me a piece of paper. I unfold and see the words written across it.


Oh boy.

- Hey

So I know I said I was going to end at 45 chapters but I feel like I want to make the use of their last two days together so I might make it more depending on how I plan the others.

I hope you like this chapter I was inspired by watching the Run BTS episode where they did escape rooms so I tried my best to write one.

I hope you enjoyed it and I'll see you tomorrow for another update.

Meg x -

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