Starry starry night

A young girl arrives at Hogwarts not knowing what to expect. When she finds clues to a secret chamber she doesn't know what she's getting herself into.

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1. Rules! :)


     I have some rules for you

Sorry about that but I'm writing this on Christmas eve eve and I'm in the Christmas spirit. This is a new story and the characters will be controlled by you!

I'll just tell you all about it right now.

You get to choose what the characters names are, what they look like, if they have any hobbies and so on. I'll just give you an example so you know what it should look like.

Name: Amelia Wade.

Apearance: Blue eyes, brown long hair.

Extra features: Average height, glasses.

Lucky item: none

Accesories: Gold stud earrings

Hobbies: reading

You get to make up the information so it doesn't have to be blue eyes or Amelia. You guys get to make that up. If you don't know what I mean by LUCKY ITEM, it means an item like a coin or a keychain or something that they always carry around that is considered lucky or they just carry it around with them. If they don't have one just put none.

You can make up as many characters as you want but you don't know if they will be the main character, a friend or an enemy.

Please make up an adult aswell but only if you want. For an extra bit of fun why not describe their personality after their character description!


All you have to do to create your character is to comment it now I have done in the example.

Please comment because I really want this to work. 

Love you 







P.S you could suggest your character's place in the story and I'll contemplate it. That's all!

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