HP truth or dare

In a secret room under a bed, all the well known characters from Harry Potter are in for a big game of truth or dare. This will be fun.

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1. The rules!

Hello peoples! Welcome to H.P.truth or dare! I just want to tell you some of the rules for this story. Do ya wanna know why? Because you have the power to choose the truths and dares! So here are the rules.

1. You must keep it rated all but I will allow kissing and things like that but nothing too inappropriate.

2. You are allowed to remind me if I have forgotten a character.

3. No more than three dares and/or truths per chapter per person 

4. If there is a dare/truth that I did not put in I either didn't know how to write it in or it was to inappropriate.

5. Please don't tell me how to write the story or request things to happen that are not dares/truths.

6. If you can, please don't point out any mistakes. I'm sure I will find and correct them.

That should be all of the rules but I might add some.If you want to give a truth/dare just comment what it is and who it's for.


- Harriet ( B.T.W. Is not my real name my name is Myrtle- Mertull)



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