Portgas D. Ace x Oc

Now you have heard of Raya le Roux, But have you heard of her twin sister Reese Le Roux? Well here she is right after she and sister seperate to look for the two remaining strawhat brothers, Ace and Luffy. Reese Goes after Ace, While Raya goes after Luffy. Reese has always had a thing for Ace and Ace has always had a thing for her, so when she joins Whitebeard's crew she is welcomed with open arms by both him and Ace. Will they finally tell each other how they feel? Will it end badly? Will she have to go back to Raya and tell her the truth about the third brother after Ace dies?

0Me gustan

1. Whitebeard's Acceptance

Ok, so walking onto a pirate ship by myself wasn't the best choice, but hey I did it anyway. It was stupid, of course, because I got dragged to the captain right away, despite being a girl. I mean they coulda been a bit more gentle. Then again I was intruding.

They dropped be roughly in front of their captain. "Whitebeard, this little thing got on like she owns the place. What should we do with her?" The tall man in front of me glanced down. "Make her one of my nurses." But before they could drag me away again, I heard a voice from behind me. "Gramps wait. I know this girl." I turned to see a face I hadn't seen in three years. "Ace!." I yelled. He looked at me and smiled and then turned back to Whitebeard. "Can she join as a full member under my division?" I turned back to Whitebeard. He thought for a second and then nodded. "Since this lass is a friend of yours I will allow it. Boys, Let her go." They let go of me and I stood up. Whitebeard looked at me. "Now lass, What is your name?" I looked up at him and said simply. "My name is Reese Le Roux." The first response I got was a gasp from the other men. Then I heard Whitebeard begin to laugh. "Well boys. Looks like we have someone with power on her side. One of the infamous Le Roux twins. Well lass, I here by give you my acceptance into the crew as second under Ace boy over there." He smiled. "Now. Go catch up with him." I smiled and nodded. "Thank you sir." He smiled back. "Call me gramps." I nodded. "Alright, gramps." I turned on my heels and ran to Ace, tackle hugging him. He laughed and smiled as we fell to the deck. "It is great to see you too Reese. How are you?" I smiled. "I having doing great. You?" He smiled back. "Fine. Now I think I need to show you where you are going to sleep." I nodded and got up and followed Ace to the sleeping quarters.

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