What if you can take a look at a werewolf life and the trouble the werewolf had to take.
Riley is an Alpha werewolf and her pack has to deal with angels and demons fighting but with Riley being both Angel and Demon, what will happen when Riley was to choose a side to go on or will she be on both sides or her own side. But will the demons she knows will be hind her remembering the things she forgot and always wanting to forget it?
do you want to find out what happens, than read the book.
this story if from my wattpad account CaptainIreland35 or death itself

3Me gustan

Author's note

please dont hate i am still working on it

19. Jason Monterio

Jason Menterio 
Erik P.O.V Present day
I sat in Riley’s office chair, “man if she saw me right now, she would punch me in the face” I thought. I chuckled loudly. I snapped my head towards the door as someone at the door knocked. 
‘Come in’ I spoke as I jumped off Riley’s office chair. A tall man walked in and stood in front of the dark wooden door.
‘Have you seen Riley? I want to speak to her about the war.’ I shook my head. Jason’s hair fell onto his forehead as he nodded quickly. I shuffled over to the couch and grabbed my leather jacket and threw in on. I strolled over to the door and grabbed my boots, I shoved my feet into the correct shoes. 
‘Come with me’ I said as I motioned to Jason. He just simply nodded and walked behind me. I pushed the heavy door open and stepped out into the dark silent hallway. Everyone would be asleep but Alec might be awake because he is worried about Riley. 
‘Don’t worry about anyone coming out, they are all asleep.’ I said as we walked out of the front door and into the forest. 
‘Why would Riley be out here?’ Jason asked as I walked on to where I can sense Riley. 
We walked through the tall trees and saw a body lying on the damp dirt. I walked to the figure. I shuffled closer and saw that it was Riley. I ran up to her and scooped her up in my arms. 
‘Riley, come on wake up for me. Jason, go and get some help.’ I screamed at him as I saw that Riley’s head was bleeding. I pressed my hand to her head and whispered ‘RI, please, wake up. Come on baby wake up.’ Riley’s eyes started to twitch. She groaned as she opened her eyes. 
‘What happened?’ she asked as I pulled her into a sitting position. 
‘I am the one to ask you that.’ I said as I knelt beside her. 
‘I saw the Isabelle wolf again. And I have been taking my meds too.’ She whispered as she grabbed her head. ‘Also I remembered something’ she continued as she looked at me. I placed my arms around her pulled her close. She hugged me back tightly as she breathed heavily. 
‘I always love for hugs. They make me feel a lot better just like my father’s hugs, when he was alive.’ She spoke into my chest. I opened my mouth to say something but a loud cry ripped through the air. Riley’s head snapped up as she pushed me away from her. We both looked at each other and ran off to find the scream. 
‘Jason!’ I screamed wondering with it was him who yelled. Riley ran a bit ahead of me to get to the person first. We ran under branches and over logs. I grabbed Riley around the waist and then the tree to make turned a sharp turn. Riley pushed open a gate and ran through it. I slowed down and saw the sign. “CEMETERY”
Riley’s P.O.V 
My legs hurts, chest burns. I kept going. I ran to help the person in need. I ran as fast as I can. Jason laid on the floor a few metres away from me. Jason was scrambling away from a hooded figure. Jason turned to stand up but the hooded figure grabbed his shoulder. It lifted his hand into the air, I stood there in shock as they shoved their hand into Jason’s chest. Jason screamed as he shoved his hand father into his chest. Jason stopped screaming when the figure’s hand came out holding my beta’s heart. The figure looked at me and quickly ran away. I ran up to Jason. 
‘NO!’ I yelped as I dropped to the floor.  Jason now lays frozen on the ground. I placed my hands onto his face and screamed. His face was black and blue from the bruises that he got, blood ran down the side on his face that started at his hairline. I held onto him as I pulled him into a hug. My hands started to feel funny. I placed Jason gently on the ground next to me. I looked over my hands and saw that Jason started to fade away. “What?” I questioned myself. I saw Jason completely fade away. Where Jason laid before now laid a tombstone. That said “Jason Monterio… A Beloved beta and mate. May we never forget him. Farewell Hero…” 











(lol, it aint over. Keep reading)

I smashed my right fist into the tombstone, it fell apart. I stood up and screamed as I threw a part of the tombstone. I walked off Jason’s grave and screamed with anger. As I punched a tree which fell over. I felt my anger rising, taking over my whole body. 
‘RILEY!’ I heard behind me as I punched a hole in a large tree. ‘CALM DOWN!’ the voice said again. I turned to come face to face with my husband. He grabbed my shoulders to pull me into a hug. I shoved him away from me as I glanced around the cemetery to look for the figure. I looked down at my knuckles. They were splashed with dark red blood. I turned away from Erik and walked home as the rain started to fall heavily to the ground. 
As I got home, a figure was sitting on the steps to the house. I stood there for a second. I narrowed my eyes at the person, they were wearing a black hood over their head. I growled as the rain dropped off my chin as I flashed my eyes. I threw out my claws and sprinted to the figure. The figure snapped up their head as they stood up. I threw myself on to them and we went crashing to the wooden floor. I ran to get on top on them, I held them to the floor by placing my hand on their chest. I raised my hand to strike them with my claws. But the person lifted their head and the hood fell off. Hayden laid there frozen in fear but also in confusion. 
‘Riley. It’s me, your sister, Hayden.’ She spoke slowly as I stared at her. I grabbed her and pulled her into a hug. She slowly wrapped her arms around me as she leaned into the hug. I wrapped my arms around her tighter. I breathed shakily as I had tears come to my eyes. I pulled away as I heard Erik walk through the line of the forest. 
‘What’s wrong?’ Hayden said as she placed her hand on my shoulder as I coughed to mask the idea of crying. I heard Erik climb the stairs. Everything went silent when Erik stood near us. The only thing I could hear was the water splashing against the damp ground. I looked at Hayden as she glared at Erik. I smiled slightly. We all turned our heads to the house as the heavy door was pulled open. Evie stood there in her dressing gown. She looked at us and stepped aside for us to walk into the large building. I stumbled in and walked to my office. I pushed open my door and shuffled to my window sill. I placed my head on my knees as I heard the door open. Hayden walked into the room and sat in front of me. 
‘Hayden, do you remember what happened to Jason?’ I asked her still not looking at her. She stiffened at the name. 
‘Jason died years ago, Riley. Do you not remember that?’ she said as she looked at me and gasped. She ran off to my bedroom and pulled out the first aid kit and walked back in. 
‘No, I don’t. I think it is because of the demons doing this to me. I have been seeing him for the all these years though, how can he be dead?’ I answered back as she forcefully grabbed my hand. I winced as she placed rubbing alcohol on my cuts. I looked towards the cemetery where Jason’s tombstone was laying everywhere. A soft knock filled the room. Evie pushed open the door and walked in the room. I groaned in frustrated as I rubbed my head with my untreated hand. 
I stood up from my position and placed my hand onto my desk. Evie looked at Hayden then me as I gripped the end on my desk. I flipped my desk and screamed “I NEVER WANTED THIS!” Evie and Hayden jumped as the desk hit the floor with a loud thud that shook the whole house. My office door flew off its hinges and crashed to the floor with a bang. Erik stood in the door way and walked in as he asked loudly “What is going on here?” 
‘I am going to bring him back’ I whispered as I walked over to my book case. I grabbed a large dusty book. I pulled my desk as it should be. I threw the book onto it. I wiped off all the dust from the book. I ran my fingers over the title. It read “Alica Libri Pythonesses”. (witch spell book(so creative, yeah I know,lol))
‘Who the hell are you talking about, Riley?’ Evie asked as she placed her hand on the book. 
‘Evie. She does not remember what happened to Jason and she has been seeing him since he died.’ Hayden told Evie as she stepped towards Evie.
‘Not wanting to give in to the fact that your Beta is dead. Hayden, I have had the same problem, I did not want to face the fact that my abusive husband was dead for a few years. I saw him every day until I face it and told myself that he was dead and never coming back.’ Evie said as she looked at Hayden. Evie continued ‘she does not want to tell herself that he is dead.’ I pushed Evie’s hand off the book and opened it to the correct page. Erik placed his hand over mine. 
‘Ri, this is a bad idea, you don’t know what is came do to you or if you actually do it, that Jason will be good, he may become bad and kill everyone’ Erik said softly as I looked him dead in the eyes. 
‘I failed him, Erik and I don’t care what it does to me. I am bringing him back even if it the last thing I do’ I said back. I looked at the things I need. I looked over at everyone in the room. 
‘let’s do this!’ 

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