Travelling the World with Books

A blog in which I describe a literary project to Travel the World with Books. I will include synopsis's of the books, historical context, conversations with my reading partner and my thoughts on the books. Feel free to comment any thoughts or recommendations for foreign books I can read.

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1. 23rd March 2018

Welcome to my Travelling the World with Books blog!

What is it?

The basic idea of this project is to read 30 - 40 books from the same number of countries between now and the beginning of the new academic year in September. The list will be made up of the countries which have books accessible, either at the local libraries or on the kindle. The I got this idea from a TED talk and blog I found called 'A year of reading the world' ( I found this really inspiring and thought the idea was so good I should do it myself, in a more low-key way that fits around the rest of my life.


I am doing this because I think literature from around the world widens one's understanding of humanity, religion, culture, history and many other aspects of the world we live in. I am currently on an English literature course which I love but the reading list only covers English classics like Mansfield Park, Frankenstein and A Christmas Carol. Despite my loving of these works I think they'd be well complimented by modern books from outside of western culture. As Ann Morgan says in her TED talk, a bookshelf says a lot about a person and both her and I realised that ours are rather narrow. It's time to change that.


I am attempting this with a reading partner called Lucie. We are going to read two books at a time and then switch so we're not using one copy at a time but still reading the same books at roughly the same time. This partnership will help keep me motivated and interested in the project as I'll be able to discuss everything I'm reading with a friend and get another perspective on the issues the books are dealing with.

What will this blog be?

​I plan for this to be a rather low-key blog - not writing an entry everyday and not describing everything that happens (I think that would just be dull to read). What it will be is a place where I discuss my thoughts on the books I'm reading; publish some essays I write from research about modern history or other subjects relevant to the country or book I'm reading; posting annotations of my conversations with Lucie; and recommend books for you lot to read if you're interested.



I can't imagine to many people with read this as I'm still rather small on this site but if you do, and like it, thank you! Any comments are welcome and constructive criticism would be amazing on my first attempt at a blog but please refrain from being right out rude about my writing :) Thanks!

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