The Gay friend

Gender Roles Challenge
Option 1- Write a story with alternative gender characters.

“You’re what!?” His face was so disgusted. He tried to move away from me.

“I’m..” I hesitated. “I’m gay”

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1. January, 2018

“You’re what!?” Charlie face was so disgusted. Charlie tried to move away from me.

“I’m..” I hesitated. “I’m gay”

”No not that, Lily!” Charlie yelled. “About who you liked”

”I told you many times.. it’s you” I answer.

His face was shocked.

“OH YOU!!”His face was super red. He than pull his hand and slap me..

He ran to the next class while I go to the bathroom and hold my cheek and cry. I went next to class and sat right next to Charlie. 

Charlie and I was besties.. Until I told him my secrets.

Charlie raise his hand. 

“Yes Charlie?” The teacher called him.

“can I switch seat?” He asked.

“Why so?” The teacher asked. “You were the one that got on your knees and asked me”


Everyone laughed.


“CAN I?” He yelled


The teacher nodded and told him his seat.


I’m alone.


Dear Mom,

I told my friend... I was super scared at first to confess my sexuality and that I loved him. 

Things didn’t turn out what we both wanted too. But I guess it’s alright, I’ll always have a crush on him. After i told him, he just left and ignores me.

For the hundreds of time.. Thank sooo much for supporting me!! Not like dad.... 

Thats it mom.. I LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH!!!


Love, Lily


I Didn’t want my mom to know that he slapped me. She will cry’s for hours. Also my dad will say.

”SEE WHAT I TOLD YOU!!” He will be really disappointed at me. 

what am I going to do?

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