Why You?

A Valentine’s Day writing competition
Option one ~ Write about getting over someone/past love.

“He cheated on you”
Isabelle just knew her Boyfriend cheated on her. They both broke up, but Isabelle just can’t get him of her mind! She just can’t get over the love of her life. What will she do? What will happen?

[© 2018 All rights Reserved To Book Maker And Cover To Zireee]

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1. How it started

Hello, My names is Isabella! I’m like one of most popular girl in my school, high school. My boyfriend Dylan or should I say Ex boyfriend been dating since middle school.

We were in the top hottest couple, the couple most relationship can’t have, the couple you wanted to have. But when they heard about news they won’t be able to say that anymore.

This is how it started..



I just back from school, I feel exhausted. I went up to my bedroom and put on some book audio. It was a book series of Goosebumps and other more. After a couple of minutes I felt sleepy so I turn it off and just sleep after that. 




I was woken from that big  bang. I wonder who it was... I ran out of my room to get the door. If it was that loud, it might be an emergency or that person been waiting for hours!

I looked out the window to see a nerd from my math class, which I can’t remember his name. But, how did he know where I live? I opened the door and he walked in. 

“Hello? What are you doing here?” I asked. He looked straight at me with his wide eyes open. “Let’s go sit” He offer. I just got ahead of him and show the way. 

“So, are you gonna tell me” I asked again

”Yeah sure..” He reply. Than fixed his glasses. “So, you see. Your boyfriend Dylan cheated on you” 

“Please stop” 

“Stop what? Stop telling the truth”

”No! Stop telling mess up lies about my boyfriend!” 

“NO!” He yelled. “I’m sorry Isabelle, But I’m telling the truth.. I have proof” He than took out his phone.

My Heart was skipping, I hope those proof are fake. I mean it will! Dylan would NEVER cheat on me!

”Look” He said showing a gif of him kissing a girl and smile.

”It’s... ITS PHOTO-SHOP!” I yelled and turned around “Get out”

”There’s also video of that too... with voice” 

That caught my attention. “Show me” I turned back around.


After videos


What just happen? I touch my chest to feel the heartbeat of my heart. I was starting to tear up. “Why him?” I mutter 

“Dylan.. is not right for you”

You’re right” I said “He’s not right for me! I deserve better!”

I was trying to show that I was brave, but why does half of me want to go up to Dylan and hug him and cry. I know he’s not right for me, he hurts me most importantly he kills my heart... Why do I feel this way?? I wouldn’t forgive someone easily, not even my best friend. Why?

Why You?

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