Love I Can't Have

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  • Publicado: 20 ene 2018
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There's nothing I can do.
She's a Romaine.
- - -
I can't have him.
He's a Lawrence.
- - -
A short story for the A Valentine's Day Writing competition.
I chose to do #2.

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1. Library


There she goes.
Leaving the library.
Where she's always at.

I wish I could talk to her.
She's so pretty. She has the most beautiful brown hair. And it's natural.
She's natural.

She's not like these other girls.
I bet she has the smoothest voice. 
Her eyes are hazel. 

Too bad she's a Romaine.
If she wasn't, things would be a lot different.

I'd talk to her all the time, telling her that I think she's pretty. 
She'd smile, showing off her perfectly straight teeth.

Gosh, this just sucks. Why'd she had to be a Romaine?
She could've been a Bieber and I'd still wouldn't care.

One thing I do know is that she's going to be at the ball tonight.
And I'll forget all the rules and walk to her.

She'll look up with her big hazel eyes, looking confused on why I'm talking to her.
Then I'd ask her to dance with me.
She'll smile and say yes.

I'd take her hand then lead her to the floor, while my parents are glaring at me to stop.
I'd ignore them and dance with her.

It'll be the best.
It's going to happen.

- - - 


He looked at me when I was walking out of the library.
He's the only reason why I've been going to the library.
Because he's there.
I hate reading.
But if it gives me the time to just look at him, I'll do it for the rest of my life.

I really want to sit across from his table and speak to him.
But he's a freaking Lawrence.

Of all the last names, it just had to be a Lawrence.
Generations of hate against them, and we don't even know what it is.

He has soft light blonde hair.
Well, I don't really know if it's soft, but it looks like it is.

And he has light blue eyes. 
I'm a sucker for blue eyes.

He has a nice laugh. 
Whenever I hear him laugh, it makes me smile.
It's so adorable.

At least he'll be at the annual ball tonight.
He always wears nice tuxedos. 
I envy the girls that get to dance with him.
I want to be the one to dance with him.

But I'll be in my room, getting ready and my mom will walk in saying,
"Now don't forget Serena, You can't be next to Javion.
Who knows what kind of diseases he carries. He probably gets it from his father.
Or I bet he gets lice from his dirty mother."

And I'll get angry and say,
"Maybe it's not worth hating them, Mom.
Do you even know why you hate the Lawrence's?"

And she'll tilt her nose up and say,
"I don't need to.
They're thieves. And they're an abomination to this earth.
Don't go near that boy."

And then she'll walk out.
And I'll end up crying my eyes out and having to start all over with my makeup.

I hate this day.



I'm also doing this story for A Valentine's Day Writing Competition too. It's a short story. Let me know what you think of it! Thanks! xo

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