Hershey Bars

This is the story about Clara, her boyfriend, and how Hershey bars sent it all to hell.

2Me gustan

2. fake smiles

As they walked down the hillside, Clara held Jacks hand, and she smiled up at him. He smiled back, although it hurt him inside. It seemed genuine to Clara. They walked past Jack's house and he left his guitar in the garage, next to his red bike. Clara sent Ruffles home, and they continued to walk down the street until they got to their favorite Italian restaurant, 'Pasta La Vista'.

They sat at the only outside table with an umbrella; where they had their first date. They had the same order of pasta, and even drank champagne to celebrate the occasion.

"I love you, Jack," Clara said, holding up her glass for him to cheers, smiling the widest he'd ever seen. Her eyes shined with the reflection of the sun in front of her.

"I love you too, Clara. To the moon and back," he said, putting his glass down and holding on to her hand on top of the table. He squeezed her hand, and something broke inside him.

Something always did. 



Jack had to carry Clara home.

She fell asleep sitting in her chair before they had dessert. He ate her Ice Cream as well as his. Vanilla, with Hershey chocolate shavings sprinkled on the top. She stirred, so he hurried and paid the bill. He carried her bridal style out of the restaurant and to her house.

He considered leaving her on the sidewalk, but he left her on the bench on her porch instead. He rang the doorbell, squeezed her well manicured hand one more time, rang the doorbell and left after hearing her mom coming to the door. He heard Ruffles inside, probably trying to play with Clara, so he walked away, enjoying the silence of Tory Road.

He thought about his plan, and hoped to go through with it before the wedding, before Clara was too happy.

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