Summer video

Summer, a time to lie on the grass and perhaps realise that your body isn't looking as great as you wished it would be. Izzy did not think her summer would involve meeting one direction. However the past gets brought back up, can she learn that love isn't always bad or is it just going to end up in even more tears.

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1. Anything special planned?

Izzy has always classed herself as being one of those strong independent people who doesn't need help from anyone. I mean to leave university and set up your own horse riding business off the back of your rocky dressage career and late grandparents savings takes a lot of guts and determination.
Yesterday morning she got a call from her mum, the call its self was a rare occurrence so rare that she had to do a double look at the caller ID. It was to organise a coffee morning. Izzy wasn't the sort of person that organised a weekly coffee with her mum. In fact, she couldn't stand coffee and just about struggled through a mug of tea, so why her mum had decided to call and get her over was baffling to anyone who knew the pair.
Izzy as always was running late. One of the horses this morning had thought it was a good idea to try and reach the grass on the other side of the fence and had promptly got its head stuck in between two slats of wood. It had taken the vet, two carpenters and a trip to the local very dodgy DIY store to sort out the problem. So considering all that she was quite smug that the car rolled down the dirt track that everyone called a drive only twenty minutes later than when she should have set off.
Her dirty, once-white Toyota pulled into the pristine drive of her parents’ house and left a dirty stain on the view. A big dark van was already pressed up against a manicured hedge, it was definitely not up to the usual standard of her parents who preferred to drive smart cars. Izzy walked up to the door and as soon as one foot was on the doormat the door was flung open revealing a very flustered looking mother.
"Izzy I was sort of expecting you about half an hour ago," She says giving her daughter a hug and leading her through to the kitchen.
"Yes well. You know what it's like. When Bertie decided that the grass on the other side of the fence looks nicer than his, it takes a while to persuade him otherwise." Izzy said flinging her bag down on a chair making her mother wince a little and then even more when she kicked her dirty boots off even though there were already stains down the hall carpet, that her mother would no doubt be scrubbing until her next visit. "So got anything special planned because I can't stay long, I've still got god knows how many horses to muck out," Izzy says already getting twitchy.
"I have a feeling you will enjoy it, do you want to go through to the sitting room. I will bring drinks in a minute the kettle still needs to boil." She says indicating the steaming pot, Izzy nods and leaves the room heading through the old house, glancing at pictures that have changed since her last visit which just so happened to be Christmas last year, it was now late spring in Britain. She reached the sitting room and put her hand on the handle. Inside were the faint murmurs of voices.
The dark-skinned girl walks in, stops not quite believing her eyes. "Uh, hi, I'm Izzy. Nice to meet you."
"Hey," Louis said and got up to give her a hug, she awkwardly grabbed his hand and shook it rather. "We've heard about you from your mum."
"Oh, ok” She immediately started panicking, what if they know about last winter.
“All good things” Niall quickly adds. They all get up one by one to great the slightly startled twenty-year-old.
"I think we should let her sit down now," Louis says moving towards the sofa arm creating a small space between him and Harry. Before she could turn down the offer of the seat Izzy's mum waddles in with a stack of biscuits and hot drinks, she places it down and everyone pounces trying to grab the chocolate coated fingers. Izzy stays standing awkwardly in a corner praying that the floor would swallow her up.
“So, I guess you’ve discussed Spain already then?” Holly asks trying to break the tension in the room.
“No” Izzy squeaks.
"We would like to use your family’s villa in Spain, just for a few days over the summer for a music video that we need to shoot. Spain means so much to us so it seems fit to shoot it there." Liam says blowing gently on his mug clutching it between both hands.
"Your dad said yes as after all it's his house but we are away for that week, that’s where you come in. Would you be able to go with them to just make sure everything is fine, you haven't had a holiday in ages I think it would do you good. I can help pay for the extra grooms for the horses and everything, a week isn't that long, you don't have any competitions around then anyway so it wouldn't clash. I’ve checked with your manager and he said it's fine." Diana asks her shocked daughter.
"I need to think about it, I’ve never left all the horses before. It was pleasant meeting all of you."
"I didn’t have you down as a horsey girl," Louis says eyes widening a little bit. Izzy nods starting to shuffle away and towards the door.
"I’m sure Izzy would love to show you the whole set up she has, wouldn’t you darling?" her mum suggests, Izzy widens her eyes at her mother, trying to pass on the signal that they are not wanted at her home.
"I don't see why not, we don't have anything better to do," Niall says getting up as well.
"Anyway, I better be going," Izzy says finally making it to the door handle. Everyone grabs belongings heading towards the door.
"I will pop by tomorrow. So make sure you have decided. Try for me Iz please I know it's hard" Dianna whispers the last bit in her ear while giving Izzy a hug and waving to the other boys before shutting the door.
"Shall we meet at your house around three?" Louis asks opening the door for Izzy to get in, she mumbles thanks at him and slides into the car.
"Yeah, here is my number and address," she says sliding a card out the window into Liam's hand. "Call me when you arrive if I don't answer ask someone where I am they will know." She gets into her battered car that looks disgusting compared to their shiny vehicle and drives off leaving the boys all of them wondering what has made her so nervous.

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