Camber Drew is too innocent for her own good. She intrigues a local boy who works in a book and coffee shop named Braxton Willis to learn more about her. Soon, Camber is in need of some help with nobody to help her except for the total stranger.

1. 1

Camber's POV

Long long ago...more like 30 minutes ago, there was a silly clumsy princess A.K.A me who wanted coffee at 3:00 in the morning. Why? You ask, well because I woke up at midnight and ate a chocolate muffin, and what is a muffin with out any coffee?.

And so I set out in my batman pj's and brown boots. Earlier that day, I had discovered a coffee shop that was full of books. My paradise. So I went there. When the shop came into view I hurried in order to get there. As I was walking up the street I crash into someone. Who would be out at this time a night?

I look up to an unpleasant face. A man with cold black eyes and crooked yellow teeth snarls down at me. You would have though the I would have screamed like any sane person would, Well instead I said "Hello Mister.Who are you?"

Yup that's Camber Lilly Drew for you. To curious to help myself. I instantly regret asking him when he croaks out "Well aren't you a pretty little thing?"

And me being my stupid self I had said "Thank you."

"I wonder how you would look without these clothes," He smiles putting his hand on my upper arm.

I take a step back so that he is no longer touching me and mumble an "Excuse me," before attempting to walk past him. But nope. He turn around, grabs me be my waist and holds me against the building next to my destination. Now I screamed. As loud a I could, also kicking and flailing my arms helplessly. I covers my mouth with his crusty calloused hands and growls out "You better hope nobody heard you, you little shit."

Okay now I was beyond panicking, I don't want to be raped! As soon as I had lost all hope a man in a navy blue apron approaches and pushes him off of me.

"Learn how to respect a lady," He barks at the man. Yellow teeth saw his face nods slowly and says ,"Okay man, I don't want any trouble," before running off.

Apron boy turns to me "Are you okay?," He asks. I nod a little to shocked to make a sentence. 

"What's your name?," He asks. Like im about to tell a complete stranger my name, Im almost got raped!

"Bond. James Bond."

He chuckles at my response.

"Oh yeah? than i'm Harry Potter," He says in a fake British accent.

"Well Harry Potter thank you for saving me with your weird wizardry ways. Please give my humble greetings to Dumbledore and tell Hagrid to get a haircut would ya?."

"Will do. But until then how about we go into the coffee shop and get you warmed up. Its barely 40 degrees out here, you could catch a cold."

"I was headed there anyways," I say in agreement. I take his hand and follow him into the empty coffee shop.

The smell consumes me and fills my body. "Yummy."

Apron boy walks behind the counter and starts messing with the machines. I walk along the wall that is actually a bookshelf filled with as many books that you could thing of.

I find a book about a girl and a wolf and sit in a corner table. I'm only two pages in when apron boy sits across from me and pushes forward a cup of coffee. I set the book down and look at the cup that has a money looking back at me. I giggle at him "Cute."

"Thank you," I add looking up at him. This is the first time I have gotten to actually see his face. He has dark blackish brown hair and light grey-blue eyes. I can imagine any girl swooning over him. He looks like what I had imagined one of the characters from a book I had previously read would look like.

He clear his throat ,"My name is Braxton, by the way." He signals for me to say my name.

"I am Camber Drew," I smile bringing the wide white cup of warm liquid up to my lips sipping slowly.

"How old are you Camber?," He asks continuing the conversation. 

"I'm 19," I say watching as his eyes widen in surprise. I get it. I look a lot younger than people think I am. My height also doesn't help. I'm barely 5 feet; Some 10 year olds are taller than me. "And you?."

"I'm 21. I-," He is cut of by a little bell jingling signalling the door had opened. An older lady walks in and sees us. She gives Braxton a little head nod and smiles at me before going behind the counter. 

"I'm sorry, I should get back to work," he apologizes. 

"It's fine, I understand," I smile back at him.

"See you around Camber Drew," He says before getting up and walking back behind the counter.

I don't see him for a while. Just me, my book, and my coffee. When i'm finished I leave a ten dollar bill on the table and put the book back on the shelf.

As im about to leave I feel someone grab my wrist.

"Wait!," he says. I look up at him expectantly. He opens my hand and places in a receipt. 

"i want to walk you home to make sure you're safe but i can't. Call me when you are there, okay?."

I nod and him and give a small smile before exiting the coffee shop and start my peaceful walk home.



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