The same day

This is created for the music <3

1Me gustan

1. The same day

He used to wake up in the morning feeling  one thing,

why he couldn’t build his wishes castle alone,

why his dreams, goals, passions weren’t solved ,

The world was colliding ,his head was splitting ,

And his wishes were  separated  once again ,

why the world is built in a way that no one will understand ,

why the couples are separating  ,  why the lies are always winning  .                                                                                     why the truth is hiding away  , I Believe ,I believe he will  ,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             He will overcome this stones and enter into the world with bare foots   and  clear heart  ,                                                  without troubles ,. without suffering                                                                                                                           without obstacles ,without hardships and cold things…


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