The person I used to be (the first chapter )

This story is about the girl who decided to change her life completely. To say exactly this story is about teen life , so it will give you some advice how to deal with some teen hardships . I hope you will like it <3


1. The person I used to be (the first chapter )

The sound came in my head and it suddenly disappeared .I was a bit confused and was trying to make myself stronger, if I could . what was that sound wafting out in my body . This sound was full of disappointment and at the same time happiness and it was the reason why I was a bit puzzled by.what was the reason of it all? This question was somehow into myself and it never wanted to disappear . I am so sorry for telling this kind of things , I know reader you are a bit annoyed. Ok I am going to tell quite interesting story about a teen girl trying to find her place in life . It was december and it was quite cold outside and it was raining very hard. I decided to go outside and see how the world was crying or even smiling , well I don’t know. When I went outside I saw a lot of cars moving very fast and I realized that world was moving very fast and I was living in an fast moving and developing world full of people , I mean crowd. I saw huge amount of faces staring at me and I was a bit disturbed . it was the first day when I realized that I was in a huge trouble . for example I couldn’t feel anything my thoughts were far away from earth , I was somewhere else .I could only hear things that I wanted to hear , I could only see faces , I mean dull and outrageous faces moving towards me . I wanted to change my altitude towards everything but it was impossible , I was moving into darkness , I couldn’t stop myself . It was the first time when I understood that I was just nowhere .I decided to find someone to share my thoughts with or even my ideas , so I needed friend. I know a lot of people and they have got a lot of friends, but I wanted reliable person with serious and wise altitudes towards everything . I realized that I wasn’t the girl I used to be , so I decided to start everything again.what can you say about it reader?A lot of people think that listening to music can save you or even drawing or even dancing but I think it is imposible if you aren’t going to help yourself. Meeting new friends,face to face communication, or speaking with yourself can somehow boost your mood up . Don’t rely on anyone very much, it may hurt you, I mean exept your family members . They always give quite good advise. So I am not going to annoy you readers with my opinions and altitudes towards everything it may seem a bit old –fashioned, but one thing I know for sure ,if you are fed up with everything you should look outside and see the world which is quite beautiful and amazing with a lot of people and cars in it .I may seem a bit annoying but never mind everything will be okey. Well I finished introduction and it may seem a bit huge and boring . right now I am going to start the main story . The girl I am going to talk about is called Sam , she used to live in a small village . Not in a wealthy family . she was quite observant girl but introvert . All the time she was trying to find her place in life but it seemed a bit complicated for her . she was confused and puzzled by all the events happening around her , although she knew that she was capable to solve this hardships she was still not enough brave to deal with some obstacles. Her passion was to reach something essential and not easy reachable , I personally appreciate it .Nothing is as good as being determined and motivated And knowing what you want in this life. She was 16 years old but quite wise according to her age . Just imagine a bit shy and not very outgoing person , even she didn’t have any kind of reason to be like the person I described recently . She was trying to change herself but it was very difficult process according to the school she went to or the fact that she was completely alone. It was everyday routine for her to wake up , read something, meet friend but a few of them and then lay down and have some rest. It was quite difficult for her , every day in front of her parents she was pretending that she was happy and full excitement but as I told you it wasn’t true. Even her facial expressions were fake and imaginary. While watching the large sky and shining stars she was trying to imagine the best place where she could be . As I said recently she was somewhere else. While watching films she was trying to find the best but not still true place to be. Yep she was trying to find the husband, friends , best places, food, traditions and feeling , the feeling which she didn’t have. While watching through the window the world seemed perfect if she was moving with everyday moving cars and people walking through the building , yes she was there but she wasn’t . sometimes she was thinking that she was shallow or the shade of herself, yep it was true. She was here but she wasn’t , she was breathing she wasn’t , she was reading but she wasn’t . I know it is a bit odd to understand and even realize but it is true . Even she wasn’t in love , but she felt huge hatred towars everything, like :people, flowers , sky and everything happening around her. How it was possible for someone who had family and people she could talk to. Yes it was possible. 

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