Machanical Love? FNAF X Reader

You are a normal teen. Not so normal about everything but normal. In need of a Job you look the old fashion way. The news paper and see a add.
Need of a night guard of 12pm-6am!
Please contact:

8Me gustan

1. Job Needs

"(Y/n)! Get up!" You mom called out for you as you slowly walked down the stairs cause you just woke up a few minuets ago by your alarm clock.

"Im coming!" You yell back lowly and slowly walked into the kitchen wearing what you normally wear a Gothic outfit cause you were kinda Gothic i guess..

"Goth? Again (Y/n)?" your mom said raising an eyebrow. You only nodded and sat down at the table and reaching for a green apple and taking a bite from it.

"why not?" you asked, leaning back into the chair and took another bite.

"You need a Job, (Y/n)." Mom said and threw a newspaper at your face and hit its target. Your Face.

"Fiiiiinee!" You groan and look at the first add. Something about an old lady needing somebody to care for her. Boring.

you look around the news paper and see an add that caught your eye. 


Open again! Need a night guard for 12pm - 6pm!


that caught your eye big time and you nodded to yourself.

"Mom! I found one!" You yelled to the older lady and circled it with a red sharpie.

"What job?" Mom yelled from the living room 

"A Night Job FFP!"

"FFP? Whats that?"

"Freddy Fazbears Pizzaria, Mom" You signed and walked over to, leaned over the couch so you head was on her shoulder.

"Its at 12 to 6" You say calming watching the TV which was on Disney Chanel for your little brother Caleb. Caleb was all brown. Brown hair brown eyes brown pants and brown shirt. Weird he kinda was in love it Foxy from Freddy's Fazbears but also really likes the color brown. He's a weird one that's sure.

"(Y/n) are you sure about that? That place is really old..." Mom said worriedly

"Mom, I'll be fine. If i could deal with Dad i can handle a night job." You rolled your eyes and Caleb turned his gaze from the TV show to you and said creepily

"Just don't die sis." with his brown eyes wide and alert. "The bite, The murders. It's all part of their plan to get revenge!" His eyes wondered the room, looking at every little thing and sound as if it were a haunted house with real life ghost and ghouls.

"Caleb!? What are you talking about?" You said walking slowly over to the 9 year old with wondering eyes.

"Yeah i'm fine!" Caleb said cheerfully and watched TV again. This happened often he would go crazy like that then back to his normal 9 year gaming self.

"Alight if you say so..." You said softly and messed up his brown locks and he smiled while watching Sonic Ex episode 56.

"Bye i'm going to school urg." You joked and swooped up your (F/c) bookbag with a plaid pattern and ran out the door with a small smile and onto the back of the bus, which was about to drive off so you jumped on the back and held on for about 20 minutes untill you got to school.


(BOOM that took a good while so yeah ill try to update sorry no FNAF people in this one but the next Chapter anyway!)

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