Welcome to Brookfield

(For the Halloween writing contest) a poem about a town where supernaturals are real and there's a murderer on the loose.
This is based on a Roleplay group I am in on Instagram. Go check it out! @brookfield.rpg

1Me gustan

1. Welcome to Brookfield

Settled down in 1617,

A town on a map sometimes barely seen.

Brookfield, New Hampshire is a place to be.

With a beautiful lake, a great sight to see.

What's that in the distance? That's Gallow Hills.

The only hill in town, visit at your own will.

Why are there no churches? The last one was burned.

You think it's a nice town? Oh, your head is about to turn.

There are demons, witches, werewolves, vampires,

Ghosts, hellhounds, angels, hunters, the list doesn't expire.

But there's one name I forgot, his name couldn't come out faster.

The murderous man, the Brookfield Slasher.

His name is Daryl Reed, and he's just a normal guy.

Oh that's where you're wrong, but he's also sly.

He murdered his ex girlfriend, a curious teen.

And countless other hunters and supernatural beings.

The people of Brookfield are scared, the supernaturals want him dead.

The hunters just want off with his head.

But there's more that meets the eye than a murderous man.

Romances, betrayals, not much of a fan.

But once you move in, your fate is sealed.

Whether you live or die, welcome to Brookfield.

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