High kingdoms

"Look you don't like me and I don't like you. Now we can just be civil for tonight and then have nothing to do with each other."
"I don't think thats going to happen hun. We may be spending the rest of our lives together." He says.
For everything fan fiction competition.

3Me gustan

1. Prologue

Rule 1:

Parents have full control on who their children marry.


One thing to remember in Madoon, is that rules are almost never fair. The king and Queen are not bothered about the well being of their Country only on how they look compared to other Country's. The problem is rulers don't care. They see big profits, smiling people when they occasionally go out and a beautiful country and they judge them on that, not how free people are or what life is like for the commoners. The king and Queen have a daughter and she is just as stupid as her parents so their isn't going to be a change in ideas anytime soon.

Cecilia is the name of the princess and she is just as spoilt as a broke person is poor. She has just about any thing you could possibly want. Money, clothes, technology at her fingertips, good looks, parents that don't fight and admirers. Everything apart from freedom to marry whoever she wants and to make her own decisions.

Today was one of the biggest events in the Kingdoms social calendar. The princesses birthday. Everyone is ordered to party until their feet become sore, celebrate all day, no one had work to do unless you were a servant of a very important person. It is the perfect opportunity to find a suitable match for the princess. Cecilia of course knew about this and had her eye on some people but knew deep down that she would not have a single say.

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