Narwhal Land

One day Naomi is playing with her friends hair when she accientally knocks over a mirror. She is suddenly sucked through the mirror into . . . NARWHAL LAND.

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1. The Mirror

"You really think Landon likes me?" Naomi asked her friend Luna while braiding her hair.

"Of course, you are the most popular and beautiful girl in the class how couldn't he?"

"Well thanks... do you have the hair tie Luna?"

"Oh I think I dropped it sorry."

"It's okay just hold the end cause waterfall braids are hard."

"Okay... but I think Landon really does like you Naomi."

 As soon as Luna finished her sentence she heard a crash. Luna looked over to see Naomi standing in front of a pile of broken glass from a mirror.

"What happend Naomi!"

"I ran into the wall and the mirror fe--------.

 Naomi didn't even have time to finish her sentence before she was suddenly sucked inside the broken mirror. Naomi couldn't stop going further and further back in time. She went back before the dinosaurs existed. So far back she was in Narwhal Land where narwhals and unicorns battled everyday. 

Where am I Naomi thought to herself. She looked up and then saw a narwhal and a unicorn on a rainbow battling with magic from their horns. She gasped with happiness and shock at the same time. All she could think about was that she saw a unicorn in a bright pink dress with high heels and a narwhal in a hobo costume fighting each other with magic.

"What is happening, am I dreaming? Did I get knocked out with glass?


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