About LDShadowLady aka the best youtuber ever

1Me gustan

1. Lizzie

 Everyone who watches youtube must know LDShadowLady or Lizzie. LDShadowLady is a british female at the age of 22 who is famous for her minecraft game play. She loves cute or in her language kawaii things. She has a boyfriend named Joel or as some may know him as SmallishBeans. Lizzie has many amazing friends such as Yammy_xox, Seapeekay, Joey_Graceffa and etc.She has pastel pink hair but sometimes colors like purple and blue. She has always loved bright colors and tiny animals. Lizzie has formed/joined a all girls club known as the Pixel Pact. The Pixel Pact includes Vengelfe (aka Annie) , Yammy_xox (aka Yammy) , MittyMoxx (aka Mitty) , NeonStrike (aka Kayurita or Kat) , Elleanora (aka Nora) as well as herself and affilate members: Laurenzside (aka Lauren) and Kaleidow (aka Angie). 

 Lizzie's first name is Elizebeth and few people know her last name but some do know it starts with a D as in her PC name. Lizzie has 1,976,411 subscribers on her youtube channel. Lizzie lives in England with her sister Maddie and her father. LDShadowLady studied computer animation and visulization at Liverpool University. Lizzie met her boyfriend Joel (SmallishBeans) at a gaming convention, Game Fest, and was impressed by his dancing skills. Lizzie and Joel own a cat named Buddy. Buddy is a mostly white cat with black and brown spots.


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