Max-Senpai~ Skydoesminecraft fan-fic Max-x-o/c

One day Luna,a very famous youtuber got an email from, Skydoesminecraft if she wanted to join sky media! And she joined! And meet her 'soulmate'? IDK!

1Me gustan

1. About le luna

Luna is 21 (Like Max and I totally didn't look it up! heehee) And she is a youtuber, her channel is named 'Luna eclipse' She makes gaming vlog's collab's skit's and chalenges. She has alway's been a fan of skydoesminecraft and them.She is crazy and insane but that makes her unique and fun. Sure she may be a complete phycho but she's amazing! She has midnight blue hair and she look's like the girl in the picture but not as pale and evil looking. She loves to write and draw and sing. AND SHE IS OTAKU YAY. Her fave anime will be corpse party cause it's my fave. <3 And she is totally funny and makes every one laugh which some times she just annoye's the hell outa every one. She also crawl's around like a cat...


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